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El libro de la Macrobiótica - Book in Spanish

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This book is a simple introduction to the principles of health and happiness through a dietary approach based on a way of life according to the order of the universe , Macrobiotics . The content of this work represents a portion of what the author has stated in the past 5,000 talks and seminars conducted in America and Europe.

Author : Michio Kushi

EDITORIAL : Sun Universal

SIZE : 24 x 17.5 cm .



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The universal way of health and happiness

Macrobiotics as was traditionally performed from the time of ancient Greece , is , in a broad sense , the way to health , longevity and happiness , from the point of view and application of cosmological understanding of life. Macrobiotics as it is presented today worldwide , originated based on the understanding of Eastern philosophy of life, especially the monistic dualism of Yin and Yang . It is the way to obtain the universal dream of humanity . Since the beginning of this education macrobiotic lifestyle , mainly due to Georges Ohsawa and his collaborators and associates , many people have transformed their unhappiness physical . mental and spiritual health and freedom.

The path of Macrobiotics is not a religious form can be interpreted as a non-religious religion , if we want lIamarla as! . Nor is a medical science can be interpreted as a non -medical medicine , if we want to call it . Right now is not a social movement as we have historically interpreted as a revolution or reform with massive holdings .

The path of Macrobiotics is the universal way based on common sense and intuitive native of any person in this world , and practiced through history by most people without apparent knowledge . It is a way of life than any practice if you have a healthy understanding . Unfortunately , however, during the last thousands of years and especially in recent decades of this , the vast majority of modern people have lost this common native comprehension. This has resulted in several flsicos disturbances , mental and ¬ pirituales , who have rigged trafdo social decline and degeneration of humanity as a whole through the modern world. At present, the world is facing the biggest crisis ever occurred since the beginning of human history , which raises the issue of whether the human species can avoid extinction biological through various degenerative diseases . Understanding how macrobiotics and practice a way of life according to the order of the universe , is the only measure that can reverse this crisis towards continuous evolutionary development on this Earth.

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