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The buyers perform responsible for the information that they provide when they realize the order: if the address is not correct, the seller is not responsible in case the order could not be dedicated. The orders only will become effective once he has been a confirmee the payment on the part of the buyer. If some change wants to do suggestion in the order, please write to us to

The offered products are limited according to the available stock. If the stock were becoming exhausted, the seller saves himself the right to deliver a product of identical characteristics in quality and price (previous authorization of the client), or to delaying the delivery of the product if problems existed with the distributors.

In case of delay for lack of stock, the client could request the return of his payment. Call us or scribe to

These conditions of sale appear systematicly to every client that realizes an order. Therefore, to arrange an order implies the complete and unconditional acceptance of the general conditions of sale. Therefore the buyer will not impose conditions opposite to the seller, until they have been expressly accepted, independently of when they are ordered. The fact, of which in any moment, the seller does not impose one or any more of the present general conditions, does not imply that he resigns his right to impose the condition or determine later.

The present contract is ruled by the European and Spanish applicable legislation.

Rules for participation in

The space for the participation of is created to encourage conversation and exchange of ideas and opinions with our readers. Its aim is to remain open and accessible to anyone provided that the rules of coexistence and respect basic. Messages that do not will be eliminated completely and never edited for approval. Under the guidelines, this guide aims to provide a basic pattern of behavior for our tools to participate:

1. Under no circumstances allow insults, racist messages, sexist, that encourage violence or similar, or other punishable under Spanish law. Also not be tolerated under any circumstances, whatever their view, attempts to impersonate the identity of third parties or publication of private contact details.

2. Neither approve messages containing 'spam' or links to those sites that have nothing to do with the reason for the conversation.

3. We educated and polite messages to an exchange of views and a sense moderated, so do not allow personal attacks or messages unrelated to the conversation.

4. For the same reason and to avoid repeated comments, we recommend reading a conversation first before participating in it.

5. Respect the rules of etiquette on the Internet: specifically seeks to conform with the subject matter, be as short as possible and avoid capitalization.

6. You are responsible for everything you say on the Web as anywhere else.

7. not responsible for the content of the opinions published by the Internet in their forums. Thus, opportunities for participation are a means of communication to the public and not private, and messages from readers do not correspond to our editorial.

8. Moderation in shall always be 'a priori' and in any case reserves the right to remove, for any reason and without notice, any content generated in the spaces of participation.

9. For any questions or suggestions, or if you find inappropriate messages, you can write to

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