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Carob Organic Cookies - 250 g

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Carob or Locust bean organic cookies

Manufacturer: El Granero

Net Weight: 250 g.

Ingredients: wheat flour, water, sugar mascovado, carob flour, sunflower oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, wheat bran, cider vinegar, sea salt, and baking sódico.De farming.

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The mystic and aromatic carob tree is of the legume family and it bears fruit in the form of sheath. Powdered seeds of its flour produces a very sweet, tasting much like the cocoa and many nutritional and therapeutic properties, and with the great advantage that it does not contain gluten, so you can use the celiac patients. The Indians used to produce carob drinks and today is used to prepare many dishes, especially desserts, a chocolate-like flavor but with much greater benefits that cocoa

Nutritional Analysis per 100 g:

Calories: 430 Kj Kcal/1804

Protein: 7.4 g

H. carbon: 61.5 g

Fiber: 2.2


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