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Cabbage Pickles - organic - 300 g

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Pickles of lactofermented white cabbage from organic farming

These white cabbage pickles contain highly effective microorganisms that strengthen the human immune system, protecting it from many diseases

Manufacturer: Vegetalia

Weight: 300 g jar.

Ingredients: Cabbage * and sea salt. (* from organic farming)

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The Pickles are the result of lactic acid fermentation of vegetables. Fermentation is the transformation of an organic substance (fruit, vegetables, cereals, pulses, milk, fish, meat) under the action of ferments or enzymes produced by bacteria and microscopic fungi

Fermentations are classified into different categories depending on the dominant end result: alcoholic fermentation, lactic acítrica, batírica, propionic. etc. The most common types of fermentation by man are alcoholic fermentation and lactic acid fermentation. Anaerobic lactic fermentation is progressive and leads to acidification of the medium, leading to lactic acid. The pH being between 3.5 and 4, causes the multiplication of lactic bacteria stops. In this way a stable medium that can be kept months, even years is obtained. Hence lactic fermentation has been used as a preservative for vegetables, legumes, fish, cereals, etc. This traditional way of preserving vegetables has been since antiquity the doubly beneficial to man, as well as providing vegetables has during times of year when the earth can not make them, preventive action course invaluable to health, regularly provide the body bacteria and other microorganisms of the same type as itself constituting the bacterial flora of the gut autóctana. 

Advantages of fermentation 

Help digest food and improve your assimilation, especially fatty, helping the liver remove excess fat. Preventing the presence and growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the digestive tract, which causes the maintenance of good health.

Regenerate the intestinal flora and help therefore to a faster recovery of the sick (remember the harmful effect of antibiotics on the intestinal flora). 
While fermentation destroys certain toxic or undesirable substances. Many foods, cereals, legumes, tubers, ... contain substances that inhibit the action of digestive juices and oligosaccharides in legumes, causing flatulence or acid plitico cereals, disturbing the assimilation of minerals. These sutancias are partially or totaly destroyed by microorganisms responsible for fermentation, but we could also eleiminarlas by cooking, soaked seaweed or action in the kitchen vegetables. 

How to use pickles in cooking 

The Picles generally eaten without boiling as out of the boat and can be added to salads, cereals, legumes and generally in any dish as a condiment or as an appetizer.

The juice should consume content area for its high lactic acid, either drinking it in the salad instead of vinegar or other dishes.

Organic certification: CCPAE

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