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AROMISAC - Thermal bag for a natural break

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Aromisac is a stuffed sack of 11 different kinds of seeds: Chamomile, Rosemary, Mint, Cinnamon, White willow, yarrow, valerian root, lavender, basil, flaxseed.

Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes and is ready to use. Furthermore it can be applied cold.

It can be applied in the cervical area, in joints, lower back, abdomen .... and in any area that needs heat.

It is very easy to use and fits perfectly to the body thanks to its ergonomic design.

It is recommended for anyone because it is completely natural.

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You have annoyances of tension in the neck, stress or fatigue? We presented/displayed Aromisac to you, the solution for all the annoyances. Aromisac alleviates your annoyances in only 3 minutes with its dry and penetrating heat.

It enjoys Aromisac , the authentic saquito of relaxation and the only one with relajantes aromas with which you will be able to feel sensations of rest and well-being.

Cold or warms up, the aromatic mixture of the finest natural seeds will provide rest and will smoothly move away the annoyances to him of our shaken form of life.

It is very easy to use and one perfectly adapts to the body thanks to his ergonomic design.

It is recommended for any person since he is completely natural.

In addition it is possible to be applied in cold and heat:
In hot:

• Annoyances in the back
• Migrañas
• Stress and fatigue
• Insomnia
• Tension of neck
• Muscular Malaise
• Menstrual Annoyances

In cold:

• Muscular Tension
• Swelling
• Burns
• Moratones
• Fever
• Buccal Annoyances
• Sport Lesiones

Aromisac is a sacthat in its interior has a well-taken care of selection of natural seeds with therapeutic aromas, to provide a relajante rest to him. At the same time, its direct application of cold or heat on the body, will alleviate to pains and annoyances that can have in only 3 minutes.

Aromisac contains 11 therapeutic plants: mint, root of valeriana, camomile, cinnamon, lavanda, lemongrass, white willow, green, romero mint, linen milenrama and seeds.

Aromisac is an effective solution for all the ailments: tension and pains neck and back, overload and pain in the lumbar zone, abdominal sensation of slowness and pains, pains joint, sport inflammations and injuries, dental headaches, annoyances and insomnia.

Aromisac can be used like heat therapy, warming up the saquito in the microwaves to Maxima power during 2 minutes.

For treatment with steam and aromatherapy, it dampens the aromatic saquito Aromisac slightly, applying water with a sprayer before warming up it.

In order to use like therapy with cold, Aromisac becomes damp, it is put in its “always fresh” hermetic package and we introduce it in the freezer during at least one hour.

Aromisac, the aromatic saquito is conserved in perfect conditions if we kept it in its “always fresh” hermetic stock market.

Aromisac uses now with a comfortable and practical folding purse-knapsack of gift in its interior.

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