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Natural Essences

Our natural essences, mixtures of naturally occurring aromatic scents that recreate all the aromas you can imagine.

Essential oils or aromatic essences are used in Aromatherapy, which is part of alternative medicine in various treatments to improve our physical, emotional health and our quality of life. Enjoy the essences that you like to use them to take advantage of all its benefits. Our natural essences are aromatic essences of natural origin that recreate all the aromas you can imagine.


Aromatherapy is part of alternative medicine, it is about getting beneficial on the body by the perception of the odors of certain essential oils or aromatic essences. They are applied in cutaneous form or through the airways, always diluted in base oils or in water and perceived by smell. The essential oils of different plants and obtained by extracting their flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds or roots have been used in therapeutic treatments since ancient times, they were also prepared with aromatic essences cosmetics, perfumes and medicines, which has continued until today, a very popular use is to use some plants and aromatic flowers in infusions for body baths.

Aromatic Essences

Aromatic essences are used externally, through the smell and also the contact of the skin, in this case never directly, but diluted, either in base oils or in water. Smell and touch are the senses that aromatherapy uses to stimulate energy points. The application of essences can be done by massages, or in diffusion in the environment. They can also be used in bath tubs with enough warm water, only placing four to five drops of your favorite aromatic essence in the water, also in cold or hot compresses, massage, and inhalation.

As the essences come from different plants their effects are also different, and can be used alone or combined. Many of these plants can have a relaxing or otherwise stimulating effect, so it is important to know the essences to enjoy even more benefits, especially when they are part of a treatment.

In our online store you can find a great variety of these essences, enjoy the effects of the essence of basil, opium, myrrh, magnolia, tea, sandalwood, verbena, linden, vanilla, violet, amber, acacia, moss, lily, clove, mint, musk, hay, orange, etc.

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