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Natural Candles

Our selection of Candles of Colors with Aromas.

Candles have been used since ancient times to illuminate our spaces, and in rituals and ceremonies. Today they are used to create special environments. The colors of candles have different meanings, and their aromas also allow us to create a very particular atmosphere in our home. In the store you can order natural and decorative aromatic candles from violet, lemon, lavender, verbena, gardenia, blackberry, strawberry, pink, peach, apple, mint, and pine, as well as beeswax candles.

Meanings of aromatic candles

Each of them is attributed a meaning in function of its color. Let us see one by one the meaning of each color of the candles.

Meaning of the white candle

The color white is related to purity and innocence. They attract positive energies, and peace. The white candle helps to purify the environment, and always conveys calm and well-being.

Meaning of blue candle

The color blue is related to calm and spirituality. It favors concentration, and communication. Lighting a blue candle attracts peace in the environment and helps communication.

Meaning of red candle

The color red is associated with passion, and love. It is a color with much strength and energy. The red candle stimulates pleasure, sensuality and positive energy.

Meaning of the yellow candle

The yellow color represents light, heat and positivity. It always contributes to a more lucid thought, to intelligence and memory. On the other hand the gold color is related to the wealth.

Meaning of candle brown

This color is related to the earth and the sense of reality. A brown candle helps to create an environment of stability in the environment, and to connect with our inner world.

Meaning of pink candle

It is related to romanticism, beauty and feelings. It helps to love, feelings, and friendship.

Meaning of green candle

This candle is related to nature, fertility and hope. Its effect is always fresh and energizing. It promotes health and balance.

Meaning of candle purple or lilac

It relates to wisdom and serenity to the psyche, as well as to open ourselves to changes. Stimulates thinking and concentration to study.

Meaning of the black candle

It is a color that is related to elegance, authority and mystery. Lighting a black candle neutralizes negative energies.

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