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Aromatherapy products store

Aromatherapy is a specialized type of alternative therapy that uses concentrated plant extracts (essential oils) to improve physical and mental health.

Essential oils or essences, colored candles and incense are found in our store of aromatherapy products and are part of aromatherapy, widely used in alternative medicine to treat states of anxiety, improve health and also our quality of life.

Essential Oils

Essential oils or essences are a mixture of various bio-synthesized substances, which give it the characteristic aroma of flowers, fruits, herbs, or spices and are obtained from leaves, flowers, wood, root and peel. fruits, are aromatic, non-fatty, alcohol soluble elements, fats, waxes and vegetable oils. To obtain them naturally, two basic methods are used distillation or extraction. Essential oils are very concentrated and therefore are used in aromatherapy in very small quantities to achieve the desired effect, just as they should never be applied directly on the skin as they could cause irritation. Nor should they be ingested. Essential oils are diluted in base vegetable oils or water.

In the store we have a wide range of essences like acacia, basil, aloe vera, amber, hemp, cyclamen, citronella, opium flower, hay, hibiscus, mint, lily, magnolia, myrrh, moss, musk, patchouli, tea rose, tea, sandalwood, ruda, linden, verbena, violet, clove, jasmin, vanilla and more.

Colored aromatic candles

Candles have been used since ancient times to illuminate in the dark, and as a very important element in rituals and ceremonies. Today we continue to use them to create relaxed and pleasant environments. The colors of the candles have different meanings, and their aromas also allow us to create a very special or intimate atmosphere in our home. In the store you can order online colored candles flavored with violet, lemon, lavender, verbena, gardenia, blackberry, strawberry, pink, peach, apple, mint, and pine, in addition to beeswax candles.


Another product widely used in homes and the office are incenses, these purify the air and according to its ingredients cause certain effects like concentration or relaxation. Find the highest quality natural incense in our store and order online.

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  • Tea Essence Oil - 8.5 ml
    Tea Essence Oil Manufacturer: Radhe Shyam Unit size: 8.5 ml.

  • Tea Rose Essence Oil - 8.5 ml
    Natural Essence of Tea Rose. The Essence of Tea Rose is an essential oil with an exquisite perfume that can perfumar its environments, and used in baths and massages. Brand Name: Radhe

  • Tibet Essence Oil - 8.5 ml
    Tibet Essence Oil Manufacturer: Radhe Shyam Unit size: 8.5 ml.

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