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Organic Apricot Jam - 370g

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Apricot jam from organic farming.

Here you can buy this organic apricot jam, which is made with apricots from certified organic crops.

Net Weight: 370 g

Ingredients: apricot pulp *, agave syrup *, thickener (garrofin flour). * Organic farming.

Tolerated by diabetics

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Additional Information on Apricot Jam

Apricot jam is a delicious product, sweetened with agave, which in addition to its taste and quality offers optimal nutrition.

This apricot jam, instead of sugar carries syrup or agave syrup, which is better for health.

The Agave is a plant used by the people of Central America for more than 9000 years, as a source of food and fiber. Its juice is a natural sweetener with a high content of fructose and numerous applications for health.

It has been found that Agave Nectar contains a very low glycemic level (which is used to measure the ability of a carbohydrate to raise blood glucose levels). The glycemic index of the Agave is 11, one of the lowest have been found.

It is tolerated by diabetics, as long as they control their carbohydrate intake. Foods with low glycemic index are slowly absorbed by the human body, so there are very few ups and downs (peaks) in insulin production.

Agate Nectar can be used in beverages, desserts, candy making, etc., although its properties are still being discovered. El Granero Integral is incorporating Agave Nectar (jams and ketchup) into its range of biological products so they can also be used by diabetics and are 100% organic.

Properties of Apricot:

It is an excellent low calorie snack
Dry, it is a very effective remedy against constipation
Helps prevent bad night vision thanks to carotene
Helps combat skin and respiratory system disorders.
Nutritional Analysis per 100 g:

Energy Value: 166 Kcal / 706 Kj

Proteins: 0.42 g

H. carbon: 42.6 g

Fats: 0.2 g

Organic certificadion:

Regulador Agricultura Ecológica

Aval Ecológico de la Unión 

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