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Anti-Cellulite Treatment natural Pack - Cream + Oil Birch

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Pack cellulite treatment, Reaffirms the tissue and smoothes the skin

The Anti-Cellulite Treatment Weleda lets you against cellulite, visible results in 4 weeks alone tratatamiento full treatment: + 35% elasticity, firmness + 21%, volume -3.5 cm (dermatologically tested effectiveness).

The pack contains a Anticelulítico Birch Cellulite Body Scrub and Oil Birch Cellulite Weleda against.

Contents: Pack Anti-Cellulite Treatment: Oil Birch Cellulite Weleda 100 ml + Body Scrub Weleda Birch Cellulite of 150 ml

Active component: Leaf Extract Birch (Betula Alba)

Tips: Use Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub Weleda Birch and then Oil Birch Cellulite for excellent results in a few weeks.

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Manufacturer: Weleda

Body scrub birch base, removes dead cells, while respecting the skin balance.

Because of its microparticles made with natural waxes, exfoliating gel helps eliminate dead cells delicately. It contributes to the process of regeneration of the skin without causing alterations in its natural balance. The components of the exfoliator allow thorough cleaning, recommended even for sensitive skin. Sesame oil and peach pit prevent the skin to lose its moisture, plus oils of conifers and citrus bring a soothing fresh scent. As a result the skin is smooth and moisturized. Excellent for conditioning the skin before using the oil with birch cellulite.

How to use the scrub birch base: Apply in the shower with a gentle massage circular movements. Its use is recommended once a week.

Ingredients: extract rosemary leaves, beeswax, oil, apricot kernel oil, sesame oil, glycerin, natural essential oils, extract of birch leaves, surfactants sugar and coconut, carnauba wax, hydrogenated castor oil, alcohol, , butcher's broom root extract, amino acids cleansing action, lactic acid, carrageenan, xanthan gum, water.

Product 100% organic.

  • Birch oil against cellulite with cellulite-reducing action.

Oil which helps combat cellulite and acts as a reducing agent. Your specific recipe based on natural ingredients (birch, rosemary and broom), boosts metabolism and promotes better circulation of liquids. Regular application through delicate massage provides a noticeable improvement of cellulite. The skin becomes firmer, more supple and smooth.

How to use the birch oil:

1. Rub on the skin for 5 minutes to stimulate the lymphatic system. Try to do it delicately and oriented toward the heart.

2. Use this oil in a circular motion in the affected area until the skin to absorb area. During the first month is advisable procedure 2 times a day. For lasting results it is advisable to continue applying every day once a day.

Ingredients: oily extract (apricot oil) birch leaf, butcher's broom and rosemary, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, natural essential oils, apricot kernel.

Product 100% organic

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