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Alkanet Unguent - 125 cc

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Alkanet Unguent, call also Root of the Devil, was used the past in curing wounds military, burns, cracks in hands and feet, and for any other problem of the skin.

Composition: Oil of Germ of wheat, Oil of Sésamo, Oil of Almonds, essential Oil of espliego, Alkanna Tictoria (Root of the Traitor)

When to Use: Hhemorroids, forúnculos, varicose ulcers, herpes, burns. Cosmetic use for skin or dry skin and like bronceador.

Instructions for use: Aplicar in the zone wished of 3 to 5 daily times during 15 days uninterrupted, later once weekly like prevention.

Net content: 125 cc

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En the medieval time was used by druidas the vegetal oil maceration by the root of the plant Alkanna Tinctoria (Alkanet Unguent) in the healing of the open wounds and for the treatment of quemaduras.

the prepared one that appears, has such foundations and composition here, reinforced by the addition to the maceration of other plants, like the calendula, that still more reinforce the properties by this root, that went away letting use by the little existence of the same land of Castile.

Is in addition, a suntan oil of surprising effects and protection similas to those of index 5 that exist in the market. The oil avoids the peladura of the skin when it has been used like natural suntan oil. It is at heart a natural estimulador of the melanina. It has an important utility for the local treatment of hemorroides, applying it after a concientious washing of zona.

For cosmetic use, is recommended to open either the pore before his application, with steam or other means, mainly in the case of acne (to only use in skin dry or mixed).

After many years of forgetfulness of this formula has become to recover by its extraordinary properties

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