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Shiatsu or Japanese Massage

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Shiatsu or Japanese Massage

The act of touching or massaging is instinctive. Faced with a blow rubbed our hands to relieve pain, a child who falls and our affection seems to cure the problem. It seems simple, but any part of this premise massage technique, the manual technique to improve health is linked to man since the beginning of time.

Massage is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Its effects are not only physical, it also responds by unlocking the mind and stimulating the muscles.

Practicing massage on a regular basis can be a perfect maintenance of our body. It's like a gym for muscle when we need special treatment.

Massages, in all variants, help achieve that mind-body balance that favors the individual's health and enrich their inner world therefore helps to eliminate the inconvenience that produce the hectic pace of everyday life, solving contractions generated stress.

There are many benefits of massage, as it increases the temperature of the skin, improving its physiological status, improves circulation, accelerates the processes of nutrition and elimination toxins (addressing problems of cellulite and varicose veins), distended contracted muscles and tendons, tissue and relaxes the central nervous system.

Massage is a great support for the improvement of many diseases and should be used as a supplement to improve our welfare. 


The Japanese shiatsu or massage has its roots in the ancient traditional Chinese medicine. This complementary or alternative therapy is based on the application of some pressure on the energy through the meridians traverse the body to balance their energy. Without any side effects, it relaxes, strengthens the lymphatic system, tones the nervous system and increases vitality.

The shiatsu, as now known, has just 200 years of life, although its background is in remote method originating in China.

Based on the concepts of Ho (give energy) and Sha (remove energy), this alternative therapy is used to properly channel the energy that flows through the body. To do so puts pressure on the fingers or palm on various points of the meridians that run the body. These channels and vital energy are the same as traditional Chinese medicine set to lay the foundations of ancient acupuncture.

More than just a massage

The shiatsu massage is a system, but also a therapy of any law. Shiatsu massage, which enjoys greater popularity and acceptance, is used to relieve symptoms. This is a complementary technique to treat many diseases and to maintain good health.

Shiatsu therapy has its roots in oriental medical philosophy. Its practice requires extensive training by the specialist, both to establish a correct diagnosis and to apply the healing techniques or alignment of the patient who comes to your query. However, with a shiatsu apparatus, anyone can enjoy this type of massage in our home without having any brews, just following the prompts.

Harmonizing energy

Facing conventional massage, shiatsu works on energy points of Chinese acupuncture to harmonize the flow of vital energy passing through the body. Like any muscle technique, it encourages relaxation and releases tension. But also strengthens the lymphatic system, which eventually stimulates the detoxification process of the body, tones the nervous system and invites regain vitality to the pressures of everyday life. Its effects also are left out on people with movement disorders.

Each session lasts about an hour. With the patient lying face down, shiatsu massage starts at the upper back and down towards the legs in the wake of the meridians. Then turn the body to one side and goes up the legs, hips, abdomen and lateral chest area. Finally, massage is placed face up and the masseuse pressed up and down the meridian above to conclude in front of the foot.

No side effects

The shiatsu does not involve any side effects, its results are immediate and all oriental techniques balance the body's energy balance, enhancing the overall performance.

The shiatsu is not indicated when the fever is very high, since in this situation the body is subjected to a large energy consumption, nor with recent bone fractures, skin infections, bleeding or severe disorders of the circulation. When the massage is applied to pregnant women, it cannot touch the abdomen after the third month. It can be practiced even though newborns, children are advised to run only in the back and abdomen.

The Meridian

The former Anma and current Shiatsu technical massage are not strictly based on channels of energy which, according to Oriental Medicine through the broadcast of our body but the pressure exerted along the meridian and the direction is, from head to toe. These meridians are linked in one way on the bodies which they control and through the energy the body runs through a cycle of 24 hours.

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1 Reviews about Shiatsu or Japanese Massage
on 05/09/2014
Wow. How incredible. I just feel like every ancient culture has its own set of knowledge for wise healing, and a lot of them include massage. Chinese massage, swedish massage, japanese massage, Thai massage. All of these ancient medicines involve massage as an integral part of therapy. I wonder why allopathic medicine looks it over so much.

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