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Shiatsu Massage for Pregnant Women

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Shiatsu Massage for Pregnant Women

No doubt that there are more and more alternatives in this world to enjoy every moment of life and make each experience a time of great joy and harmony. And that, above all, that these may serve in those moments so special and important as the adventure of bringing a new being in this world.

It does not matter if it is your first pregnancy or you have already gone through this experience, but if you're pregnant in your belly is a new being that will take approximately 39 weeks at birth from the moment of conception, and perhaps you know during this period your body undergoes a series of hormonal changes and adjustments as chemists and physicists, with which you have to learn to live in the most harmonious, joyful and healthy way as possible.

During pregnancy 

Woman's body is designed to receive and accommodate in a natural way to change this particular moment. However, hormonal, chemical and physical experiences that the mother feels could cause some discomfort to some extent natural, say they are warning that the body is conducting a process of adaptation to provide the best possible space and the new baby.

Consequently, the mother may suffer a series of adequacies, from mood swings (you might feel more vulnerable, tired and irritable) to changes in appetite, aches muscle or back injury, caused due to weight gain. This stress on the lumbar region could provoke further lumbago pain of different degrees. Other symptoms that may be experiencing at this time are poor circulation throughout the body, vomiting, swollen ankles and knees, varicose veins, choking, and in some cases of kidney weakness.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese technique which, through specific areas massage allows relief and control of areas where it builds up stress and tension, preventing the emergence of diseases due to pent-up pressure. Currently shiatsu, as acupuncture and reflexology, is one of the alternative therapies of physical contact of more benefit to health.

How does it work in your pregnancy?

Shiatsu works through the meridians of the body channels through which energy circulates subtle, invisible force which gives the body and health. When this energy is blocked for any issue, the movement of these vital energies cannot get the whole body, and this can lead from starting to feel muscle aches and fatigue, to weakness in the body and organs in it, not being addressed, are the cause of many illnesses and discomforts.

Through the pressure and the correct technique with the fingers in different meridians of the body, helping to unlock certain area, i.e. the low level of tension, allowing the free flow of vital energy and therefore blood flow and nutrients can flow with greater force and freedom.

Enjoy your pregnancy

The period of pregnancy can cause tension in many parts of the body not only by the gradual weight gain, but by the emotions that the mother might experience. A normal session of shiatsu can really provide great relief to the mother in every sense, both at the emotional level as in the physical can relax and create a real sense of wellbeing from the head, arms, legs and back, legs and feet.

Shiatsu helps in pregnancy to provide:

  • Balancing loaded areas of tension in the body like the lower back, the neck and legs.
  • Invigorates blood flow
  • Invigorates the kidney.
  • To circulate the energy and nutrients to the whole body
  • Removes the roadblocks.
  • Invigorates the spleen and releases the moisture from the body.
  • Regulate body temperature.

How is a meeting?

A session lasts approximately from 45 minutes to an hour. During the first three months, the sessions can occur in several positions after the third month, works on lateral position, the therapist helps with cushions, blankets and mattresses for the mom to be comfortable. The mother should wear comfortable and loose fitting, preferably of natural fibers like cotton.

Select a good therapist

It is very important to select a good therapist who has good training and quality of contact, in addition to professional treatment. There are currently Shiatsu therapists specialize in pregnancy, which may accompany the mother throughout the process, some have complemented and deepened their research, and can give valuable advice to the mother about her diet, exercise routines and books to enrich themselves both emotionally and spiritually.

Zones which must be avoided during pregnancy

In the body there are certain specific points that are used to induce labor, so you have to avoid working during this time. The areas of these points and to be avoided are:

  • Internal are of legs, especially at a point 3 fingers above the internal malleolus.
  • The region of the sacrum.
  • Upper Trapezius muscle, especially the second of the four points that lie along the upper beam.
  • Apertures knees.

However, these areas can be very helpful at the time of birth, if it is delayed. The point of the meridian of the bladder can be used by Moxibustion to turn the fetus, when presented breech.

For as time, shiatsu has many qualities and benefits to make your pregnancy a very enjoyable and healthy adventure, you may also enjoy advantages in the post.

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2 Reviews about Shiatsu Massage for Pregnant Women
on 30/08/2014
Pregnant women's bodies are under a lot of stress, and it's such a good idea to get a massage like this. These techniques sound amazing, and I wish it were more readily available, this Shiatsu massage. I live in a small town, on an island in Alaska, so the only way I can receive treatments like this is to fly down south.
on 01/09/2013
Those are a lot of good benefits for the body with the application of shiatsu massage and techniques during pregnancy, that is amazing, especially if you are planning to have a baby, now I not ready yet, but surely I will rely on shiatsu when I need some relaxation

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