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Shiatsu and Watsu: the art of massage

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Shiatsu and Watsu: the art of massage

Being touched with a soft and loving intent is one of the greatest delights. Massage, regardless of therapeutic targets that are known, has greatly beneficial effects not only in body, but on an emotional level, especially when the masseuse's hands are well trained and prepared to deliver a technique that benefits the patient.

Massage techniques have different therapeutic effects and beneficial for the body, most often to alleviate a wide variety of ailments in the body, some others are purely aesthetic functions and some are used only for purposes of relaxation, reaching a very pleasant feeling of wellbeing.

Massage has been practiced since ancient times: the word massage has its origins in ancient Greece, where they used the term Massie. The Arabs used the mass term that refers to this practice. However the origin of the massage is well before these civilizations, it is now known that the Chinese in 3000 BC, practiced massage. Gradually, the massages have evolved to the present day, the culture has adapted and become more profitable and beneficial and now enjoys a high reputation as alternative medicine.

One Japanese technique now is recognized as effective natural alternative medicine, is the Shiatsu and Watsu, the latter is a derivative of shiatsu.

Acupuncture without needles

Shiatsu massage is a type that is derived from acupressure and acupuncture, but without using needles. Shiatsu, as many natural and alternative therapies, is a comprehensive work on the individual, i.e. not only focuses on a purely physical benefit but a benefit to mental and emotional means.

Shiatsu massage is relaxing and helps optimize the energy flow to the muscles and the body in general. This type of massage is based on stimulation of certain points located in the body that stimulate the nadis (energy centers), responsible for the distribution and energy flow through meridians (energy channels) of the body. The philosophy which is based on this practice helps to open the channels of energy the body.

Energy body, emotions and shiatsu

Energy flow can be obstructed in body by emotional problems, fatigue, stress, poor diet or by a chemical imbalance. If energy cannot move freely through the body, this causes a weakening, which gives as a result of diseases that occur primarily on the emotional level and then the physical.

Shiatsu helps prevent this from happening, stimulating energy and releasing one that circulates high in body. This type of massage is recommended not only to relax the muscles, but to help in cases of rheumatism, arthritis, digestive problems, constipation, migraines, asthma and insomnia.

How to perform shiatsu?

Shiatsu massage is usually performed located in a mattress on the floor or on a special massage table. The massage can be taken with light clothing and comfortable. It is not necessary the application of oils, although some spas use it.


This delightful massage technique combines shiatsu and the aquatic environment, and makes the art of massage in a relaxing float. This technique, in addition to deep relaxation, helps stimulate the body and is used in some cases of rehabilitation.

It is carried out as follows: in a pool or special area, the patient gets to float in water heat or warm once the patient feels his body "disappear", receives a massage at a time.

Water has to cover up the chest. The client and the masseuse use swimsuits. This massage combines the massage itself but moves in the water like some forms of dance. Once the client becomes familiar and gains some confidence, he or she is left to feel free movement.

This technique was created in the United States and has gained much acceptance, both in America and Europe. You can find this type of massage in spas and massage centers. Many people feel inhibited with this technique, however, do not forget that people who give this option are people accustomed to their work. We must emphasize to search for safe alternatives or centers where you recommended and trained professionals. The new alternative test, we can open new spaces for relaxation and recovery. The Watsu is actually highly beneficial alternative body, it relaxes, stimulates and creates an emotional space... very nice, don’t you think?

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1 Reviews about Shiatsu and Watsu: the art of massage
on 31/08/2015
This was such an interesting and inspiring article. For a long time I've been interested in learning the art of massage, both for myself and for my husband, and this article may have been just what I needed to start that journey of exploration. Thank you!

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