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Shark Cartilage and Arthritis

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Shark Cartilage and Arthritis

Shark cartilage (also known as PDCT or Cartilade C) is a Cuban product, made from various natural elements that have health-giving properties, among them, is a good supplement to help in cases of arthritis (in particular, rheumatoid arthritis). It contains a wealth of biologically active substances such as collagen, proteins and complex carbohydrates, and others that make it a nutritional supplement with the following properties:

Properties of shark cartilage (PDCT):

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Helps to significantly inhibit tumor growth
  • Important against malnutrition and nutritional supplement for those who want to gain weight

Arthritis and shark cartilage

This nutritional supplement combat degeneration and reduces inflammation in rheumatic diseases that can affect bones, muscles, tendons and bursae, shark cartilage is an excellent source of nutrition for bone and joint tissues. This type of joint ailments damage the absorptive capacity of minerals and vitamins necessary to meet requirements for regeneration and reconstruction of tendons and other decreases from older ages, and foods that provide essential substances for maintenance have low bioavailability. Shark cartilage is a white or brown powder obtained by removing the spine of the shark. Shark cartilage is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, complex carbohydrates. It is also useful for high performance athletes who often may have joint problems and muscle aches. Regular use of shark cartilage significantly reduces the incidence of damage. In any case of arthritis, shark cartilage supplement should be combined with taking ginkgo biloba (for its powerful antioxidant), plus a diet rich in foods containing vitamins A, C and E as well as using plants to remineralize, rich in silicon as horsetail, fenugreek, nettle and bamboo. In any case of rheumatic problems, you must also watch the diet, where you have to avoid using irritating products such as coffee, alcohol, refined sugar and dairy products of animal origin.

Osteoarthritis is another joint disease, degenerative, chronic and gradually destroys the cartilage of joints, affecting mainly the lower back, arms, legs, knees, fingers and shoulders, in some cases as to immobilize people. The symptoms are painful, there is a strain that can become fragmented and lead to cartilage degeneration or thinning of the articular cartilage, and therefore the invasion of blood vessels in cartilage. The taking of shark cartilage, orally administered and combined with proper diet and living habits, significantly reduces inflammation, pain and joint immobility.

Food and health supplements

Remember that, like all nutritional supplements, shark cartilage can only help (as well as the name implies) a therapy, diet or treatment. It cannot replace the diet, exercise and lifestyle to be taken to achieve balance and harmony in the body, health outcome. However, shark cartilage is very effective natural supplement to help swollen joints and avoid the use of harmful drugs that irritate the body's self-healing ability. It should be taken into account, moreover, causes of energy (emotional) of this condition: perfectionism, inflexibility or severe self-criticism might are some mental attitudes that might be creating a lot of internal tension, which accumulates in the joints, inhibiting body's natural ability to move.

About the sharks

Something that distinguishes sharks from other aquatic and terrestrial organisms is that they do not have a single bone, are Chondrichthyes-cartilaginous fish, their skeleton is made up of pure cartilage. The skeletal system of other living things allows the bones act as microscopic channels that lead to nerve fibers and blood vessels, the cartilage does not have such channels. Sharks are living organisms that have an immune system with real power, their wounds heal quickly, free of infections because the antibodies in the blood very effectively fight bacterial and viral infections, protecting them from many chemicals that would give death or other disease. The shark is one of the little creatures that rarely get ill with cancer.

Sharks have rows of teeth that occur regularly and move at regular intervals. The old teeth will loosen and are replaced by a new row of new teeth behind them.

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3 Reviews about Shark Cartilage and Arthritis
on 01/05/2015
Wow, I had no idea that shark cartilage had so many uses! Here in alaska we do have quite a few sharks, although they're a smaller variety, not like the great whites or the larger, warm water sharks most people think of. I wonder, do all sharks have these benefits?
on 09/11/2013
I have been taking Bells Shark Cartilage pills for many years and without these, I would likely not be able to walk without pain.
I took twelve pills a day untill four bottles were used up. I now take four pills as a maintenance each morning . They work!
Cheers, Rev. John.

on 02/06/2013
Wow, sharks have a lot of good properties however I think that consuming this is not right, I mean, really? Supporting the consumption of using natural products and forget the one of animal origin and support the use of shark cartilage? Well, I?m not sure if that?s quite right?

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