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Shape your figure, exercises for your buttocks

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Shape your figure, exercises for your buttocks

The dream of many people is to have a perfect, bulky, rounded and well raised butt. However, the reality is that in most cases the buttocks are still not perfect, they are either too large, very little or have cellulite. But do not get discouraged! Combating these problems is possible if one resorts to some strategies.

A balanced diet and exercise are the first weapons that we should take in the daily situations, along with fashion, which can help hide those little flaws.

Detect your buttocks type

To work the buttocks and shape, it's best to learn to identify the problems and the current shape, so you can choose the most appropriate exercises.

Large buttocks

For people that have large buttocks, this may be an aesthetic problem, as can be large with respect to the legs and waist. Often difficult to hide, however can be reduced with a comprehensive plan.

We must adopt a low-fat diet, which allows minimizing the fat accumulated in the area and detoxifies the body.

The key is to do high reps with low weight (resistance work, for example. 3 or 4 sets of 30 repetitions with no additional charge.)


Buttocks in ball: Lying on your back, bend legs and heels, close to the hips, place a ball between your knees and press. Raise the pelvis from the spine, vertebra by vertebra, to align shoulders, torso and hips, buttocks and adjusting controlling from the abdomen. Hold and slowly lower.

If we do not have a ball, we can use a balloon. If we don’t have any of them, take care that your knees are not separated more than the width of the pelvic imagining that hold the ball.

Function: This exercise works the gluteus, back of legs and spinal. Pressing the ball between your knees also works hard abductors.

Small buttocks

This type of buttocks are small compared with the rest of the body, but also can look droopy, with no curves or cellulite.


Buttocks in iron: To work small buttocks, lie on your back with knees bent and heels close to the buttocks, raises the pelvis from the spine, vertebra by vertebra, to align the shoulders, torso and hips, buttocks adjusting and controlling from the abdomen. Hold and slowly lower.

You can place a disc with extra weight on the pelvis, to increase the intensity of exercise, perform fewer repetitions to promote muscle gain, increases the volume.

Function: It tones the gluteus, hamstrings and back muscles.

Buttocks without volume

Also called flat buttocks, are typical following the straight line of the back.

Exercises that work posture are recommended: Squats, in the bank, deadlift, squat 1 leg, are the best choices.


Single leg squat: Standing, cross one leg over the other and practice sit on the supporting leg, sticking your buttocks and keeping the torso upright.
If you have trouble keeping your balance, hold on a stick or the back of a chair.

Function: It is more intense than the common squat, it involves more work for gluteus, quads and back.

Sagging buttocks

They appear in many middle-aged women, but can also occur in young people. They have lost their firmness and battle against gravity.

They are the result of poor pelvic position mostly. Recommended exercises are squats, lunges and deadlifts, with its variants.


Deadweight: Standing, spread your feet to the width of your pelvis, and arms relaxed in front, if it costs you your position, lean on a stick, carrying the trunk forward without bending your back, your knees should be slightly bent and the back should be straight as chest out.

Climb ladders, slopes, jump, exercises help to work the gluteus and therefore lift the buttocks.

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2 Reviews about Shape your figure, exercises for your buttocks
on 12/07/2014
Bicycling is actually also really, really good at sculpting the glutes, and pretty much the whole body. You'd be amazing at how much upper body strength it uses to hold yourself on the bike, core contraction to push the most energy towards the bottom part of the body, and of course the quads, calves, and glutes are heavily involved in cycling. I recommend it for everyone!
on 06/03/2013
Many people have these problems with the buttocks and I didn?t know that it could occur during adolescence too, so maybe I should take care of them by doing the proper exercise, I have listened that climbing stairs is also good for the butt and the legs as well, so I really recommend doing it at least one time daily.

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