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Shambhala Luz: Masters of Reiki

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Shambhala Luz: Masters of Reiki

The center Shambala Luz offers treatments through Reiki, massage therapy and other alternative therapies. The goal of the center is to act to bring about profound changes in the person. For people who are sick of asking why, why we are wrong ... often the key lies in the emotional sphere. They also teach courses and workshops for Reiki, Yoga classes and other disciplines, and provide an absolute guarantee of the quality of therapies and products used.

The team

Shambhala Luz Center was created after the work experience, study and investigation of its directors for two decades. The path to Shambhala Luz means years of work experience and learning.

Its founders’ priority is to build a team around Shambhala Luz. This group together can do much more profound, lasting and important than individual achievements. In all, this team worked vigorously for the same purpose: to outline situations and facilitate the search for answers that maybe are not yet clearly defined in patients' lives, help them stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Removing veils to experience is difficult to explain to people who know about energy issues, guide and train students so they can be new therapists in different disciplines.

Finding Answers

Traditional medicine has evolved greatly in terms of physical and mental but gives few responses and containment in the emotional level. There is a very important gap in this field in the society of these times and helping to meet these harmonious solutions is a major impetus for the creation of Shambhala Luz.

Personalized Therapies 

Chinese medicine provides a much more complete than other essential medicines patterns of a person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as well as a part of this quest for balance of the elements mentioned.

Each case and each person requires a specific therapy or a combination of therapies to accelerate the recovery process, therefore Shambhala Luz’s therapies are personalized.

Therapies used:

  • Reiki massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Massage Raku kei
  • TUI NA Massage
  • Chiromassage
  • Metamorphic Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Balinese Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Natural Therapies
  • Yoga
  • Mantras
  • Gemotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cristaltheraphy

Professionals in Shambala Luz

Elsa Patitucci Romo (Director)

Elsa Patitucci Romo has completed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the Center for Studies of Alternative Therapies: Shambhala Reiki Master, Master Reiki Shiki Ryoho (Usui Tibetan), Magnified Healing, Chinese Tui Na Massage.

In the Argentina Association of Reiki: Traditional Usui Master, Master Raku Kei, Advanced and Master Karuna Reiki, Tibetan Healing, Healing with Crystals, Shugendo, tuning of the Healing Aura.

She has studied in Spain, Barcelona in Centro de Estudios Superiores de Mariato Terapias regressive G. She studies regressive therapies. In Madrid, with Professor Cristian Salado.

She currently manages a group formed by Healing Shambhala Reiki Masters who selflessly come together to make in the presence and distance healing for people with serious diseases.

Design and enshrines "Talismans of Power" by using copper, silver, gold and precious stones.
Psychic and clairvoyant from an early age, has found her vocation in the professional study and application of alternative therapies and energy.

Carlos Alonso Deluca (Director) 

Carlos Alonso Deluca has undergone in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Center for Studies of Alternative Therapies: Reiki Master Shambhala, Chinese Tui Na Massage.

In the Argentina Association of Reiki: Traditional Usui Master, Master Raku Kei, Tibetan Healing, Tuning the Aura and the Aura Healing, Shugendo, Workshop Angeles.

He has studied in Spain, Madrid, Centro Sammasati. Metamorphic Massage.

Since his youth has been interested in the study of the Christian religions angiology investigating, through personal experience and application of it has developed a method of prayer and healing.

Collaborators in the center COLLABORATORS IN THE CENTER

  • Alessandro Massaro: Psychotherapy Ercksoniana (Hypnosis)
  • Silvana Petrizzo: Astrology, birth chart, solar, etc.
  • Ana Olivares: Numerology karmic and unconscious, and solar chart.
  • Tamar Arias Abad: Massage Shiatsu, Tui Na, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, etc.
  • Nuchanard Chokvikrikij: Balinese and Thai massage.
  • Caridad Gomez Santos: Floral Hebrew and Pendulum.
  • Gabriel Petit de Lola (workshops and self-transformation)

Reiki in Madrid – Shambhala Luz
C / Nieremberg 6. 28002, Madrid

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2 Reviews about Shambhala Luz: Masters of Reiki
on 18/05/2015
There's a lot of new-age spiritual worship centers out htere, adn I'm not really sure how much of these adhere to truth or actual doctrine. I think a lot of these places are based on people who believe certain things, but don't really live with their feet on the ground.
on 06/07/2013
Actually there are many places nor that offer alternative medicine, you just have to find them, but is good to see that the professionals that work here are really professionals and have many studies that support their work while trying to heal the people, that?s impressive

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