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Clay Water therapy: its benefits on health and beauty

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Clay Water therapy: its benefits on health and beauty

Clay is one of the favorites in the health and beauty. Anointed (to exfoliate, nourish and heal the skin depth) is often a way to harness it, however this time we will talk about the clay dissolved in water or in capsules and administered orally as a natural supplement to prevent and assist in very various diseases and beauty.

Do not think that the use of clay is something new; it was used for millennia to cure various ailments in different parts of the world, is probably one of the oldest existing treatments, and perhaps was first discovered by the animals, which sought instinctively to heal from various ailments.

What is clay? 

The clay is formed by corrosion of the rocks, is rich in minerals and trace elements, and although all generally have very similar properties, there are different colors and benefits under the soil and environment in which to extract.

The vein of clay is extracted and then exposed to light, where it is cleaned, selected and analyzed, then take it to a natural drying area where it extends in a concrete floor where it can get nutritious with  sun, from which extracts more energy. Once dry, residual impurities are removed and milled to obtain a uniform granulation which is easily dissolved.

The most common clays known are white and green clay. This type of clay has a very good price and is in abundance. This time we will discuss these two types of clays, as taking them and their health benefits and beauty. But before you start take into account:

  • When preparing the clay water, do not use metal utensils, use wooden spatulas only to remove and do it in a glass container.
  • Generally, the clay is taken in the morning, in aid and 40 minutes before taking other food.
  • If there is extra preparation, do not store, throw and prepare a new clay-water at the time that you go to eat.
  • Do not combine making any food with clay. The first food is advised to take is a citrus fruit.
  • If you are doing the clay therapy, be sure to drink plenty of pure water throughout the day.
  • Monitor the evacuation of intestinal transit because sometimes clay can cause constipation.

SUGGESTED DIET: It is recommended to combine the shots with a diet that contains no refined sugars (and derivatives), animal and dairy products and sausages.

White clay or KAOLITA

General Properties: taken in the form of milk, it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties in the body.

It is good to help in cases of:

  • Colitis: for inflammation of the intestinal wall of the colon level, it should be making clay for 3 weeks. You have to prepare clay and water to drink every morning before breakfast and 30 minutes before eating anything else. We must take another drink in the evening.
  • To curb the proliferation of parasites: bacteria or pathogenic bacteria and promote healthy cellular reconstitution, we must not only apply it externally in poultices on the affected skin area, but drinking a glass fasting and supplement with the recommended diet therapy.
  • Stomach pain: to protect the gastric and intestinal mucosa (speeds healing), to dissolve and absorb toxins fermentations and bad fats, avoid bloating and food poisoning is to drink a glass of water before each meal.

Green clay

General properties: the best is brown or gray, rich source of magnesium, also contains silicon, potassium, phosphates, and oxides of iron, aluminum, manganese, magnesium and titanium. Absorbing properties, adsorbents, anti-inflammatory and mineralized.

Some applications in health (taken in water):

  • Rheumatism pains: drain the body of toxins, remineralizing.
  • Against anemia: preparing a glass of water clay, adding a teaspoon of vinegar, drink morning and evening 2 hours before each meal. Combine with suggested diet.
  • Hemorrhoids: For three weeks, taking clay alternating with 3 weeks of rest. You start taking 3 glasses of water and clay during the day 40 minutes before eating, and half a glass dwindle week.
  • Fatigue: take a clay fasting and half an hour before any food. Combining the shots with a diet that contains no refined sugars, dairy and animal meats.
  • Ionizing Radiation: clay can help to absorb harmful radiation to which people are exposed to anticancer radiotherapy. It must be taken in aid and implement comprehensive in the affected area.

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2 Reviews about Clay Water therapy: its benefits on health and beauty
on 01/05/2015
This is definitely a new one for me tooo! I've heard of using clay for masks and for skin treatment, but I've never heard of using it as an oral supplement for bodily health. Have you had really good resutls with it from personal experience? And if so, how long did it take?
on 02/06/2013
Drinking clay? This is so new for me! Well I have read a lot of your articles but all of them just said that clay was good for the skin but if you use it in mask, so this is so strange, well drinking clay have never crossed my mind but if you say it is a good supplement for the body then is a thing that I must try

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