Shade grown coffee and biodiversity Kaffee der im Schatten wächst und biologische Vielfalt Cultivo del Café bajo sombra y biodiversidad

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Shade grown coffee and biodiversity

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Shade grown coffee and biodiversity

Meeting contributions to biodiversity conservation which is the cultivation of coffee under shade. The supportive role of this crop in conservation and habitat for a large number of species. The positive impact it has on the quality of life for producers. Benefits pivoting in improving their environment, the conservation of water sources and strengthening its economy. 


10.00-10.10 Accreditation and documentation.

10.10-10.20 Opening.

Merling Preza. Cafenica Vice President and Chief Prodecoop. Nicaragua.

Sandra Benbeniste. Area Program Director of Ecology and Development.

10.20-11.00 Biodiversity in Central America: sustainable use and conservation.

Alfio Piva Mesén. Executive Director. National Biodiversity Institute (INBio). Heredia, Costa Rica.

11.00-11.40 Experience shade coffee in Mexico: Agroecological aspects and quality of coffee.

Esteban Escamilla Prado. Universidad Autonoma Chapingo. (CRUO-CENIDERCAFÉ). Huatusco, Veracruz. Mexico.

11.40-12.20 Social and Ecological profile of a coffee plantation.

Mario F. Melchor Vila. Organic Inspector. Oaxaca, Mexico.

12.20-12.45 Break.

12.45-14.00 Roundtable. The reality of growing coffee under shade.

Closing Day.

Source: Ecology and Development

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