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Sexuality During Pregnancy

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Sexuality During Pregnancy

Sexuality can be practiced with many (if any) purposes, one of which is the approach, bodily communication and intimacy with your partner. The sexual life can be achieved without advice or help from anyone, but certainly a little knowledge would help to enlarge the approach and evoke emotion and experience ever more sublime and pleasant, and a deeper understanding with our partner.

During pregnancy, sexuality can be continued as usual to some extent, i.e. with the same care and intent, and even frequency. However, it should be considered that the first quarter as some important physiological and anatomical changes of women, the nausea, the fatigue from the first quarter experience and emotional states that typically affect many pregnant women, even some men.

Physiological changes to consider

Since the first quarter should be noted that pregnant women may experience breast tenderness and pain, change in vaginal discharge, which increase in number and change in smell and taste. The latter could be a plus for sex because of vaginal discharge there is increased vaginal lubrication.

Sexual attraction during pregnancy

Although there is no problem with women who enjoy this period and have no or very few changes, emotional and sexual life is not affected, for many women, pregnancy represents a challenge and a time of many adaptation processes. This certainly could potentially affect the appetite and the couple's sex life, many times (and usually in the case of women), the pair could not be emotionally or sexually attracted to your spouse, could even to feel rejection by the approach of all kinds. Moreover, there are women who not only increase their need or demand for love and attention, but your sex drive rises considerably.

Males, although to a lesser degree, could also feel somehow emotionally affected by the challenges of bringing a new member to the family, especially when it's your first baby, and if this concern could make the man simply does not feel so attracted to his partner. There are some which may no longer be motivated to sex because the woman has "lost" erotic qualities, i.e. the body of a woman loses the proportions to which they are used to. However, contrary to this, many men are particularly attracted to their partners at this time, not only by the excitement of being in a special bond with her, among other things, the reason for the creation of a new being which is part of both, but also because the woman's body tends to become (for them) more sexual, because the body becomes more voluptuous, breasts and hips become more prominent, which encourages them to promote sexual stimulation.

Now this type of anatomic change, however, may not be well received by some women who feel "lost" form when they are pregnant and feel unattractive. It should be recalled here that this attitude is the mind, if we perceive the body as "ugly" in this moment, so it will be for others, but if we see it as something beautiful and sexual, and will inspire others. The body of a pregnant woman is as beautiful as a pregnant woman.

Sex During Pregnancy

During the first three months the relationships can be conducted in a normal way and with the usual positions, however, as the belly expands, we should practice new forms of penetration, which can be a great invitation or a good "excuse "for the couple to stimulate their imagination and forms of sexual approach.

Below are some suggestions to make the sexual act can be carried out in a pleasant and without any risk or fear that the woman is hurt or that the fetus can be "crushed" or encourage premature birth.

If no sexual desire, you can help the spouse suggesting a gentle massage, rub lotion or oil can be a good prelude to stimulate desire. The sex should be suspended only in case of premature rupture of this ovular membranes, genital infections, bleeding or threatened preterm birth.

Suggested sexual positions during pregnancy:

  • The man over the woman in this case, the only precaution to take is to avoid overloading the weight of men over women.
  • The woman on the man: a very comfortable position is the wife having control of the weight and can have a good degree of penetration.
  • Penetration aside: this is a comfortable position, especially from the fourth month because the womb can rest and the woman's weight is distributed evenly.
  • Penetration from behind: it is a position that may be a little uncomfortable for the last month, when the belly usually weigh much.

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2 Reviews about Sexuality During Pregnancy
on 30/08/2014
Excellent article. I am not pregnant, but I will keep this in mind for when I am. I think pregnant women's bodies are absolutely breathtaking, and I hope that my husband thinks so too. Sex does do so much more than just physical stimulation. It is relaxing, and a great bonding between the man and woman. Beautiful article.
on 05/06/2013
With my wife had this opportunity to try new things and positions or even stimuli using hands, massage and more, it was quite experience and well, even though pregnancy is tough, you can always have sex as this is a natural relaxing therapy and all of the members in the marriage can be happy and without stress

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