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» » Sensitive teeth: causes and remedies to prevent and eradicate the problem

Sensitive teeth: causes and remedies to prevent and eradicate the problem

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Sensitive teeth: causes and remedies to prevent and eradicate the problem

If when you drink hot tea or eat some ice cream, you feel pain or strong discomfort in your teeth, is that you have a problem known as sensitive teeth. Believe it or not, is a very common problem, which can become a not pleasant impediment to enjoy food, as frequent changes of temperature in food will make it impossible to enjoy the very pleasant eating time.

However, do not think all is lost. You can do some things to help address and prevent this condition. But first, you need to know the causes of this so that you can avoid them.

One reason is that part of the tooth you can see is covered with a layer of enamel that protects the dentin. It is when the enamel is lost or corroded, or thins the dentin is exposed, and the tooth becomes sensitive. Dentin can be lost or wear for a few reasons:

Causes of sensitive teeth:

  • A toothbrush bristle abrasion or harsh.
  • An aggressive brushing or too hard.
  • Brushing vigorously sweeping from one side to another tooth.
  • Teeth grinding: this is a habit where the teeth are cut with frequency, which can cause the enamel to wear, making the teeth sensitive.
  • Poor oral hygiene causes tooth erosion.
  • Dental erosion caused by enamel loss due to aggressive substances such as sugar, soft drinks, acidic, acidic foods, chewing gum, etc.
  • Recession of the gums when gums recede can leave exposed tooth roots, and these may be more sensitive.
  • Gum disease: the accumulation of plaque and tartar on teeth can cause gum problems affecting the sensitivity of the tooth. This can happen especially when chewing gum and pushing the plaque to the gums, which could even destroy the bony support of the teeth, forming pockets in the gums around the teeth, causing the area is difficult to clean and gum disease.

Other causes of tooth sensitivity:

  • A tooth decay, cracked or broken: when there are cracks in the teeth, food can seep into the root of the tooth causing pain, especially when temperatures are extreme.
  • The use of teeth whitening: tooth whiteners corrode tooth enamel. Many patients who have sensitive teeth whitening in a short time after their teeth whitened.

Cure and prevention of sensitive teeth

Brushing and Hygiene: The first is to maintain effective oral hygiene. It is necessary to learn how to do a good brushing, not pressing hard on the teeth without neglecting that these are very clean, free of tartar and food. It’s advised to use electric toothbrushes, which helps remove plaque with adequate pressure.

Healthy Gums: it's essential to prevent tooth sensitivity. To avoid damaged and maintain them in good condition, you should give them a soft brush every time you brush your teeth. A very favorable remedy is spreading a bit of water with lemon drops on the gums. Believe it or not, lemon is an excellent tonic for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Instead of mouthwash, add a few drops of lemon to a cup of water and wash your mouth. If the lemon was bad for teeth, then you could not even take lemon water or food with this ingredient. Lemon even helps prevent tooth decay.

Gums in place: To help the gums do not recede, we must reduce the pressure we use while brushing teeth. For this, you must be very aware when brushing your teeth, do it carefully and with a gentle but firm pressure. Massage also helps with the index finger on the gums. Whenever possible, give a circular massage on the gums, gently pushing them down.

Avoid soft drinks, sweets and sugary drinks. The refined cereal box sold in supermarkets are dynamite for the teeth, as the grain bound usually stays between teeth, even with a very thorough brushing, it is hard to remove the cereal stuck. It is best not to eat them, especially do not let children eat it daily, as this type of product is really corrosive to the tooth enamel.

Avoid grinding your teeth or tightening when you feel tense, anxious or nervous.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth:

Fluoride rinse or fluoride gel: it can help decrease the sensitivity especially for those with bad teeth.

Keep your teeth clean: dirt on the teeth and gummy substance that forms and accumulates in the contours of the teeth produces acid that irritates severely the enamel. At least, brush your teeth 2 times a day, especially after you eat.

Do not drink sodas or eat candy! If you drink soda or eat candy, cookies, etc.., at least wash your mouth after with a bit of pure water. Avoid chewing gum, which is terrible for your teeth. Use dental floss at least once daily, do it softly by tooth-tooth, do not rush to avoid hurting the gums.

Stop smoking! Besides all the adverse consequences that snuff brings, your teeth suffer much with the acids and toxic substances it has.

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2 Reviews about Sensitive teeth: causes and remedies to prevent and eradicate the problem
on 11/09/2014
I have always had sensitive teeth, but I don't have any of the other "symptoms" or factors!! I have excellent dental hygiene, I brush with a soft brush, no gum disease, I don't grind my teeth. It's worst in my front teeth, I can't even drink ice water!Is it possible that this could just be genetic?
on 01/04/2013
I have problems with my teeth and it?s because the sensitive problems I have, I think it might be because I didn?t care of my teeth when I was younger and now I may be paying the price of that, I hope it?s not too late to try something about it, I?m going to see a dentist next week and I?ll look for some products, for now, I?m going to try the remedy with the lemon, thanks

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