Seminar about organic livestock in Fariza Seminar über die ökologische Tierhaltung Fariza Seminario sobre ganadería ecológica en Fariza

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Seminar about organic livestock in Fariza

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Seminar about organic livestock in Fariza

The seminar, which lasted from four until eight o'clock in the afternoon was given by the Technical Association CAAE (Comité Andaluz de Agricultura Ecológica), which addressed information through audio-visual items referring to the current regulations for organic livestock farms, the origin and breeding of animals at these sites, food and proper handling of livestock, as well as the qualities and characteristics that are bear in mind regarding the health status of animals and plants from exploitation.

The fact of heldind this seminar in the town of Fariza is due to the potential of the region in this field , as the management practices and extensive animal do might not be too complicated to the process of conversion to organic livestock, a system that may improve the profitability of agriculture.

In this regard, it should be noted that during the period 2007-2013 the unit of agri-environment support to organic livestock shall be 110 € / ha Amount is consistent with other livestock generic of other administrations, varies according to the (LSU) "livestock units" that can be assigned to each Ha. Similarly, the order AYG/1341/2007 of 14 August, which regulates certain agri-environment Bocyl and published in the last days of August 20, another line is compatible with the previous one, as is the maintenance of pure breeds endangered species, among which are, of course, race sayaguesa the alistano-sanabresa and asinine zamorano-Leon have aid of 130.00 euros / UGM.

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1 Reviews about Seminar about organic livestock in Fariza
on 22/10/2014
Oh Perfect! I was just wondering about this!! Just earlier I was reading an article about organic produce, and it seems like so much of this "organics" conversation (or debate if you will) revolves solely around produce, and very little of this conversation includes the consumption of meat. I live in Alaska where we hunt for wild game and eat it as a staple - it's the only way to go.

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