Seminar on Organic Agriculture Seminar zum Thema Ökologischer Landbau Jornada Técnicas sobre Agricultura Ecológica

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Seminar on Organic Agriculture

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Seminar on Organic Agriculture

Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine organized in Trujillo (Caceres), for 22nd and April 23dr has designed some technical seminars on material destined for use in organic production.

In these days involve the competent organs of Seeds and Nursery Plants of the State and the Autonomous Communities, the competent authorities in the field of Organic Agriculture and the authorities and control bodies of the official organic and closed, as a first step in a broader program to exchange information, views and experiences on the issue of seeds and nursery green plants.

The seeds and nursery plants have a vital importance for organic agriculture. Therefore, it is considered necessary to improve the situation concerning the supply of organic material and the premises to promote their production and more effectively way to manage supply and demand.

It also seeks to improve and strengthen the connection between the bodies responsible for seeds and nursery plants and related to the production, both at the state administration and in the Autonomous Communities.

There are also plans address several major changes being made in the basic rules of the European Union on Organic Agriculture and on the production and marketing of seeds and nursery plants.

In these Technical Workshop of information, discussion and programming will explore topics such as plant genetic resources useful or necessary for the organic varieties of conservation or production and marketing material for organic production, among others.

After holding this conference will address another cycle similar to private agents (seed producers, nurseries, agriculture Organic Seed Network, etc.) In an attempt to improve the management of supply and demand of organic material, to meet the needs of organic agriculture.

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1 Reviews about Seminar on Organic Agriculture
on 18/10/2014
Lots of seminars on organic agriculture, that's great! Last year I went to this really fantastic presentation on Permaculture and it was the most revolutionizing, mind-blowing presentation I've EVER been to. We spent an entire day (and the presentaton went on for 3 full days in fact), and toured a permaculture garden, learned the philosophy of permaculture, edible and medicinal plants, and saw so much more!!

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