Seminar on Ecological Gardens Seminar zum Thema Bio-Gärten Jornada sobre Huertos Ecológicos

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Seminar on Ecological Gardens

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Seminar on Ecological Gardens

The Deputy of Zamora held a day in which environmental education activities were conducted with children from the province within the program of school organic gardens in the Plaza de Viriato of the city.

Children of Province learn to grow lettuce in a makeshift garden in the square of the capital Viriato.

Activity had workshops for children 3 to 12 years, but also the chance to taste and buy organic products by adults.

Children who participated in workshops on environmental education, could produce the slurry of nettles, making the recognition of vegetables (by making drawings and their spatial placement, mounting on the school garden ... ), identification of organic logo (pictures, games, puzzles ...), vegetable planting and sowing, knowledge of the fauna of the garden Assistant (observation through binocular microscope, puppets, etc.). , production of posters identifying the vegetables for the garden and games related to the dynamics of the ecological garden.

Exhibition and sale of organic products

The day was completed with the participation of various organic producers offering attendees the chance to taste and to buy products such as cheese and wine organic of the province.

This activity is part of the advocacy and dissemination of agriculture which is carrying out the Department of Agriculture and Livestock of the County Council since 2005 thanks to the European project and Rafael which aims at promoting the consumption of local organic food. Just as already announced, the final conference draft which will go to Rafael about sixty participants from different countries, it will take place on 10th and October 11th at the Alfonso Henriques Fundation, coinciding with the celebration of the fourth edition of Ecoculture also organized from the County Council itself.

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1 Reviews about Seminar on Ecological Gardens
on 15/10/2015
I just LOVE gardening, and I love to see fullscale organic gardening taking place world wide! What an interesting thing to contemplate, these seminars taking place all the way around the world, because people worldwide are starting to think alike.

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