SEAE calls upon the Government and the Autonomous Communities SEAE fordert die Regierung nachhaltige Wasserwirtschaft und Lebensmittelqualität La SEAE reclama al Gobierno y a las CCAA que se mojen

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SEAE calls upon the Government and the Autonomous Communities

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SEAE calls upon the Government and the Autonomous Communities

This request is generally expressed by many of the organizations in the industry, to celebrate the 7th Congress of the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture in Zaragoza with the title: "Sustainable water management and food quality."

OA Industry meeting in Zaragoza, at the conclusion of the Congress SEAE VII, entitled "Organic Agriculture: Sustainable Food and water quality", expressed concern at the slowness in the implementation of the MAPA State Plan of Action on Organic Agriculture and Food and requests that get wet.

The proposed general state budget for 2007 as well as the previous year has not specific actions in Organic Agriculture announced publicly by the Minister in the Congress and other forums. This highlights the lack of interest by the Government's Organic Agriculture. The launch of the campaign to promote organic products, announced by MAPA, is not enough for the momentum that requires the industry to consolidate and off.

So far the main economic support it has received, OA has focused on aid to organic farmers through agri-environment measures. In this sense, we consider unacceptable the latest proposal on the map, backed by much of the CCAA as a measure to withdraw horizontal organic agriculture for the next rural development program planned for 2007-2013. If this situation could occur that would not exist regions where the measure or the application under different criteria which is a comparative for farmers.

Also the main threat of the OA remains is the co-existence with GM crops. The industry cannot accept the intention to impose the presence of GMO contamination in organic products.

We are calling the government for a clear political decision to support and promote the sector and the urgent creation of a National Commission for Organic Production with representation from both the industry and all the administrations involved.

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2 Reviews about SEAE calls upon the Government and the Autonomous Communities
on 29/11/2015
There definitely needs to be more economic support of organic agriculture. The fact still remains that in the US, standard "chemical" methods of food production are subsidized by the government, while organic methods still remain overpriced.
on 06/01/2014
The Organic agriculture is the option that we should opt now, I are really interested in our health and of course the planet, this is not a matter of tastes or anything, beliefs and that stuff don?t matter anymore as the planet needs to be saved and we the humans are only who can do that

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