Scoliosis treatments and natural alternatives Skoliose-Behandlungen und natürliche Alternativen Escoliosis: tratamientos y alternativas naturales

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Scoliosis treatments and natural alternatives

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Scoliosis treatments and natural alternatives

Scoliosis is a condition known as lateral deviation of the spine in the form of 'S', which includes the thoracic part of the back and the lower lumbar area. This deviation, in most cases without apparent origin, is caused because for the column compensation according to their function in relation to its axis. This condition may present without pain during various stages of life, however, upon reaching adulthood, can cause what is popularly known as the hump.

Causes of scoliosis

The term comes from Greek skoliosis, meaning crooked. This condition is not a problem of bones and joints, but is a secondary effect of dysfunction of brain mechanisms of balance and trunk, although there is also the assumption that the deviation originates from the fetus, forming in the matrix (problem inherited). Scoliosis can also be the effect of bad posture.

Emotional causes

The column or spine is the axis, flexibility and support the body, is what "up" or straighten the human being. From the perspective of energy medicine, all those emotions related to perceived lack of support, with flow in life, to be flexible and open our hearts to new and great experiences, could be causes of the condition. Insecurity, being stuck in past, pain or anger (especially in children), guilt, rejection, self and sexuality (refusal to feel pleasure), stubbornness (inflexibility), and the condemnation could be some causes of emotional or energy of scoliosis.

Effects of scoliosis

Between vertebra and vertebra is, along the spine, a certain space. In scoliosis, there is a rotation of the vertebrae which causes the disc spaces between the two vertebrae are pressed closer side and wider at the open. This can sometimes cause pain or deformity in the back. In some cases, the rotation of the vertebrae pushes the ribs, which could cause heart or respiratory problems. Some of the curves are seen more stressed during adolescence, when there is an acceleration of growth.

  • Back pain
  • Head and neck bent to one side
  • A higher shoulder
  • A more prominent shoulder blade
  • One side of the hip higher
  • A shorter leg
  • Trouble breathing or heart
  • In young women with advanced scoliosis may appear that a breast is bigger than another if its development is normal.
  • During pregnancy, a woman with scoliosis does not necessarily increase the prominence of the curve of the spine, but if they experience back pain.

Natural Treatments

POSTURAL SCOLIOSIS: this is the easiest to address, since the curve is not very pronounced. This can be met with some exercises or manual therapies with action such as:

  • Corrective and rehabilitative exercises: These exercises range from trying to walk the straight as possible (with the belly tight, back straight and shoulders relaxed) to sit properly / avoid stooping while working seated). It also recommends hanging a tube with both hands so that it falls freely in spine and it is accommodated, stretched, strengthened and straightened. The abdominal and lumbar are excellent exercises to strengthen the back. To perform lumbar, place one face down, hands at waist or neck, and then raise the back going up and down gently.
  • Hydrotherapy: therapy based in jets of water that exert some pressure and contrast in temperature.
  • Acupuncture
  • Clay: clay application to reduce inflammation with enzyme
  • Acupressure: relaxation of contractures through massage with acupressure.
  • Orthopedic Belts: If scoliosis is detected at birth, you can start treatment with a brace or a special belt which help maintain the correct posture of the spine, and prevent possible deformity.

CONGENITAL SCOLIOSIS: manual therapies to correct congenital scoliosis may be from the surgery, which is recommended to be valued by two or three doctors, who must consider the progress of the condition and the patient's condition, which, in turn must appreciate the importance of postoperative rehabilitation, particularly human quality, professionalism and technical orthopedic surgeon.

You can also evaluate other alternatives:

  • Hydrotherapy: is the application of pressure jets to stimulate the area and help reduce inflammation and relax contractures. This therapy also helps to dissolve the elements that cause inflammation which are filtered through the lymph vessels to be discarded in the urine, sweat, etc.., not allowing these to re-accumulate.
  • Promotion of hot and cold: are applied along the column of hot water fomentation for 3 minutes, in contrast with cold compresses for a minute. We must repeat this six times, always ending with cold water.
  • Clay: choosing the special clay mud is important because each has different properties according to soil collection. In this case, the red clay or black mud of the sea have excellent properties to reduce inflammation, and are the best for their high magnesium content. The grain of sea salt is also raw-inflammatory. These treatments should be applied externally, the clay is placed over the treatment area for 30 minutes or so. Then you must wash the area.
  • Muscle massage: massage is done along the spine with the patient lying face down. The sites of muscle spasm that feel like little "balls" are massaged by gentle pressure with fingers in circular motions. Then you have to massage related areas such as the trapezius muscle, spinal erectors, interspinal, etc. Immediately afterwards, a massage is performed to correct curvatures. This should be done with extreme caution, taking care to make pressure on the muscles and not in the vertebra, which recommends the task performed by a specialist.
  • Cupping therapy: This therapy is effective when properly applied. This is done by air suction.
  • Chiropractic: this is done after massage with relaxed muscles and nerves along the spine. The chiropractor makes traction or minimum pressure along the spine and related muscles, some of which are coordinated with breathing.
  • The corrective exercises are also recommended.


Or bio-energy therapy exercises are an excellent alternative to help unlock pent-up emotions as the body restores its biological and anatomical harmony. This therapy helps the individual to vent those mental causes that might be obstructing the free flow of energy in the body through breathing exercises.

Do not forget to also take into account the diet which is always a fundamental basis for the complete cure ANY condition.

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2 Reviews about Scoliosis treatments and natural alternatives
on 22/08/2014
When I was a kid they used to bring someone into school every year to check our backs for scoliosis. I was always scared that they would tell me I had it. Now that I'm getting a little older, I'm noticing that I frequently wake up with a stiff back, especially between the shoulders. I'll try some of these same therapies too, I'm sure they overlap...
on 07/05/2013
I have read some things about the topic and well, even though this is a serious condition that can affect the life of the patient in several ways, the person can find a way to relieve the pain and the problems by these therapies and other things like surgery, but natural ways are a lot way better since they aren?t too invasive in the body, so I recommend them for any condition

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