Scleroderma (hard skin): causes and treatment Sklerodermie (harte Haut): Ursachen und Behandlung Esclerodermia (piel dura): causas y tratamiento

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Scleroderma (hard skin): causes and treatment

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Scleroderma (hard skin): causes and treatment

Scleroderma or hard skin occurs due to an abnormal accumulation of collagen in the skin. It is a connective tissue disease which causes skin changes and comes to affect blood vessels, muscles and internal organs. It is an autoimmune disorder, meaning that the immune system mistakenly attacks the skin by destroying the healthy body tissue.

Causes of Scleroderma

  • Poor diet and unbalanced and harmful lifestyle, giving rise to malfunction of metabolism and self-defense system.
  • Poor nutrition of the organism.
  • A resistance to feel, due to not knowing what to do with emotional pain or emotions which are not pleasant. Resistance or a constant state of not wanting to feel or make contact with others creates great tension in the nervous system, weakens the immune system and predisposes the occurrence of this condition.
  • May also be due exposition to silica dust and polyvinyl chloride, so the skin works with its mechanism of defense, trying to build a hardened defense against environmental conditions.
  • The generalized scleroderma can also occur simultaneously with other autoimmune diseases like lupus erythematosus and polymyositis. In these cases, the disease is called mixed connective tissue disorder.


  • It is usually located on the hands and face, and rarely spreads throughout the body. In these cases, symptoms like bluish and whitish fingers and feet appear in response to cold or warm temperatures (which is known as Raynaud's phenomenon). Stiffness and tension of the fingers, hands and forearms.
  • Hair loss.
  • Hardening of the skin.
  • Skin color is unusually light or dark.
  • Thickening of the skin.
  • Small white lumps under the skin, sometimes oozing a white substance that looks like toothpaste.
  • Sores (ulcers) in the tips of the fingers or toes.
  • Tight skin that looks like a mask.
  • In the case of attacking the muscle, the symptoms may include: joint pain, numbness and pain in the feet, stiffness and swelling of fingers and joints, wrist pain.
  • Breathing problems may result from scarring of the lungs and may have symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, and more.
  • In the case of digestive tract problems: bloating after meals, constipation or diarrhea, difficulty swallowing, esophageal reflux or heartburn, difficulty controlling the stool (fecal incontinence, etc.).

Natural Treatment

As in any condition, it is best to start a real cure rather than resorting with pharmaceutical drugs, which only block the ability of the body to heal itself. Anti-inflammatory drugs and chemicals only force the body to respond artificially and should be used only in very special cases where the disease is far advanced, and only as support of a deep natural cure.

Naturists professionals know that there are no diseases, but a body saturated with toxins which has broken its natural balance due to neglect and bad habits, both physical and mental. The real cure of any condition will start in purging the body, so it is recommended that these people follow a deep cleansing diet.

The cleansing diet:

It is dieting for three days eating only pineapple, grapes or oranges. Choose only one fruit and eat all you want, along with two liters of pure water. To make the diet you should choose a few quiet days, like a weekend.

After the diet, you should start introducing quality food and little by little. For example, you can start the day with some citrus and then breakfast grains such as oats, etc. The meal can be vegetable soups and salads.

Avoid at all costs the following foods which are actually harmful to the restructuring of health:

Flours and refined sugars contain no nutritional value and only clog the intestines, weakening their functions as well as damaging the immune and nervous system. Also, avoid all animal meats, excess salt, irritants such as alcohol and vinegar, and all fried and processed foods.

What we recommend you include in your diet:

Whole grains, milk and vegetable oil, citrus fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, spirulina algae and fish.

After the third day of diet, include these foods slowly. You should avoid excess protein, if you eat red meat; do it once or twice a week, trying to accompany this dish with salad.

Avoid combining fruits with other foods; eat them alone, on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before eating anything else. This will help to an efficient digestion and make better use of nutrients from the foods you eat. Sugary drinks and fruit must not be taken with meals. While eating, drink a glass of warm water or carrot juice with aloe or alfalfa.
Sprouts are rich in enzymes which are good for the body's metabolic functions.

Other recommendations:

In addition to this diet, we recommend you exercise. Practice something you enjoy to make your circulatory system irrigate oxygen and nutrients to every part of your body, strengthening the immune system and balancing the other systems. The practice of Yoga or Tai Chi will also help balance your mind and emotions.

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3 Reviews about Scleroderma (hard skin): causes and treatment
on 23/08/2016
Scleroderma Herbal Treatment you can without much of a stretch get great results inside a very short time.
on 20/08/2014
I didn't know this was an actual, perchance "chronic" condition. How strange that we've developed such unhealthy and sickly conditions because we have abandoned such care for basic lifestyle rules. Diet and exercise, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. All of these things are so important, and I really hope that artciles like this can inspire people to make the necessary changes to start living their lives fully, and healthfully.
on 11/01/2013
We should prevent diseases like this one by having a good diet and doing exercise just like the article says, because if we don?t, then we are playing with fire with a disease that can cause a lot of pain but can be avoided with small tips and considerations. So keep this on mind and try to avoid the problems in your life

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