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School contest to promote healthy lifestyles

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School contest to promote healthy lifestyles

Institute of Mediterranean Food (IAMED) has called a school for the purpose of promoting healthy lifestyles through reading and writing. This initiative, entitled "The mysterious pyramid: An unfinished story" is aimed at children between 7 and 11 years of nearly 3,000 schools to understand that the enjoyment of a better quality of life is achieved with a pattern of healthy eating and exercise.

Students must complete the end of the story that IAMED devised. Teachers can work with groups of at least five children and help them when writing. In total we sent more than 50,000 copies of the story unfinished.

Time of writing the story will end on May 30th and from among all the papers presented 10 finalists will be selected, of which three will be winners. The awards consist of sporting goods, a lot of food products and a weekend in a natural setting.

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1 Reviews about School contest to promote healthy lifestyles
on 22/10/2015
I love this, and am in full support of schoosl actually starting to teach what a healthy lifestyle is. It's really sad when I look back at my school experience, which consisted of cardboard pizza lunches and candies and snacks. There was no emphasis on mental or physical health.

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