Say goodbye to scars with these naturally effective tips Narben: Weg mit ihnen mit diesen wirksamen Tipps Cicatrices: adiós con estos tips naturales super efectivos

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Say goodbye to scars with these naturally effective tips

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Say goodbye to scars with these naturally effective tips

Scars are visible marks on the body that are a kind of footprint after a person has had either an operation or surgery, welts, acne, or an accident.

Usually scars are unliked or unwanted by many people as they tend to detract from aesthetic beauty or the rest of the body, especially if they are located in areas of the body that are visible.

From desperately wanting to get rid of these marks, many people have been exposed to chemical treatments which are not only expensive and artificial, but also extremely harsh and irritating to the skin, and may leave your skin much worse or even damage it beyond repair. There is nothing better than resorting to a long, yet effective list of natural remedies if you want to remove these little marks or at least to disguise them to appear as if nothing has happened. These are all very accessible remedies that will not require you to spend much money or expose your skin to treatments that will ultimately make it worse.

The best natural products for external use to remove scars on any part of your body are: tepezcohuite, aloe, snail gel, apple ointment, lemon (which should always be used at night to avoid staining your skin) and sodium bicarbonate.

The best foods to eat in order to aid the erasing of scars are: aloe vera, lemon, garlic, carrots and sprouts which are all rich in enzymes, as well as powerful antioxidants such as onion, extra virgin olive oil, blueberry, citrus fruits, pineapple, probiotics, gelatin and nuts like almonds.

Here we will share several recipes that can attenuate or even erase the scars on your body. You must bear in mind to always choose only one of these remedies and use it weekly, then you can change if you want to try a different one the following week. Do not use them all on the same day because this can be counterproductive for the results.

Remember, in addition to these remedies, try to drink carrot juice with aloe and chia, or orange with aloe and chia each day. They are all cell regenerators which are great and will help you nourish your skin from deep below the surface. Also, drink at least two litres of water a day to keep your skin super-hydrated and with good cell activation as well as taking five teaspoons of magnesium chloride each day.

Avoid cow's milk in any form, as well as refined sugars and flours that generate many toxic blood circulating through your skin, deteriorating and bringing on premature signs of ageing.

Recipes to reduce or remove scars

1. Make a poultice of aloe vera, half a cup of plain yogurt and sugar, and a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix well, if necessary liquify the aloe vera, and then add yogurt. Blend until it resembles a paste and apply on the scar.

2. Use snail gel directly on the skin, but always use this remedy at night. Avoid wearing it on your skin during the day as it could stain your skin. Put the snail gel on once you've washed your face at night with mineral water. The next morning wash your face and apply aloe cream or apple ointment.

3. Use of tepezcohuite powder (also sold in a ready-made cream in some places) and mix half a cup of plain yogurt and sugar with a tablespoon of raw oats. Rub this mixture directly on to the place where you have the scar and leave for long as possible to work.

4. Dilute a few tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of water until you have a paste. Put some of the paste on your fingers and massage gently into the scar area. Let dry and leave it on top of your scar for around three minutes. Rinse off after use.

5. Make a paste blending a whole lemon (peel and all) in half a cup of water. Blend well and then add this water to half a cup of plain yogurt. Mix well and apply on the scar. It is very important that you always apply this paste at night, as applying lemon on your face and exposing it to the sun during the day may stain or bleach your skin.

6. Use two tablespoons of cocoa butter and stir well with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Gently massage into the scar.

7. In half a cup of plain yogurt and sugar, squeeze three lemons into it, add three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and spread over the scar every night after washing the wound with bottled water.

Try to prepare yourself a vegetable juice of varying ingredients every day. Remember to use sprouts often or when you can, attempting to aviod soy unless it is organic. Fresh salad or a vegetable dish should be not missing from your daily diet. Try to garnish your salad with extra virgin olive oil which has powerful cell reparing properties, while it firms and nourishes skin tissues. Serve with lemon, garlic and marine salt for seasoning.

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