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Say goodbye to Insomnia with Meditation

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Say goodbye to Insomnia with Meditation

Do not let sleep deprivation keep you away from enjoying all the activities of your day feeling tired, lethargic and not very focused. No doubt you'll love this article, as it will help with a meditation and some tips to correct this disorder of sleep and fill your days with energy and good health.

The causes of sleep disorders or insomnia are varied: lack of vitamins in the body (poor nutrition), emotional stress, excess refined sugars in the diet, physical inactivity, messy living habits, concerns, etc.

You should look at the quality of your food habits, and make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. Insomnia can be treated without doubt with the meditation, which has many health benefits and is one of more effective resources for you to sleep every night like a baby.

One of the aims of meditation is to lead the mind to create the mood you want. You don’t have to do it closing your eyes or in a special place, meditation can take place anywhere, but in this case, we will teach you to meditate with the aim that every night you can rest very well.


  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Moving often in bed "to accommodate"
  • Snoring, due to not properly breathing
  • Falling asleep during the day or felling sleepy
  • Walking (somnambulism) or talking during sleep
  • Frequent nightmares or night terrors
  • General physical discomfort
  • Lack of concentration
  • Waking up frequently at night

How to do meditation to fight insomnia?

Meditation can be done in three ways:

  • RECORDING: meditation is recorded and CD is played before bed.
  • MENTALLY: meditation is learned and is performed before falling asleep.
  • WITH A GUIDE: in this case can be done with someone who is close and has a soft voice and able to help us to meditate. In this case, the guided meditation can be a great resource for moms who have children with sleeping problems. In this case, the mother can play soft music and write a script and read the meditation for the child, using a soft, cooing voice. Once the mother has practiced narrating the script, she can use her imagination to create her own scripts.

Before going to sleep and begin meditation:

Grab a cup of tea of anise, chamomile, mint, lettuce, passionflower or marjoram, sweetened with a touch of honey and then sleep. Also, fresh apple and plums juices are great to help relax, because they are rich in melatonin, the hormone that helps induce sleep. Remember to have dinner one or two hours before bed.

Script for insomnia through meditation

Wait 5 seconds between each point to explain the next, your voice must be very soft and caressing, you can use some quiet background music to help the mood, but music is not necessary.

  1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, and when you exhale allow the release of the stress or tension in your body.
  2. Inhale slowly and pick up all the stress in your body, and exhale freeing your body of tension, feel relaxed.
  3. Now, concentrate on your feet and feel like your fingers are very relaxed, as the sole off of all tension, likewise, your ankle and your calf. Feel like your feet are heavy, heavy, are free from any tension.
  4. Also, feel your legs, your hips, your abdomen and your entire torso, feel like your body sinks into the mattress, is very relaxed, and feel like the skin of your face is fully stretched, there is no wrinkles because there is no tension in it, or your scalp.
  5. Now, imagine going down a ladder, and each time you lower a step you will be more and more relaxed, now lower the second step, the third. Notice how your whole body is getting more relaxed and begins to sink in a deep sleep.
  6. Now go down the fourth and fifth step and feel like it is becoming more and more tired, your body is totally relaxed now...
    (Many people manage to sleep at this point, however, even if they are asleep, you need to keep the script in order to reprogram your mind until the other day. If you notice that the person is already asleep, then continue to the last point)
  7. Now fall into a deep and restful sleep until the other day.

If the person has not been asleep, then go down "the stairs" and leading to a deeper relaxation.

If you're mentally reviewing the script, before meditation for sleep, say: "This meditation serve to sleep soundly tonight, tomorrow I’ll wake up energized and well rested." Then proceed with the meditation.

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2 Reviews about Say goodbye to Insomnia with Meditation
on 13/08/2014
Thanks so much for this wonderful article. I meditate almost everyday, and my life has become so much more stable and fulfilling than I ever even thought possible. Meditation brings about a new paradigm, a more awakened and enlivened sense of life, while also bringing in more relaxation as well. I used to have frequent nightmares also, but ever since I've started meditating, I don't even remember the last one I had...
on 14/02/2013
I have sleeping disorders some nights, but not very often, so I didn?t considered it as a problem, I think it might be due to stress of work or something like that, but maybe I should try this therapy, then I would probably have a better development during the day and I wouldn?t be stressed. I?m going to try it !

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