Say goodbye to debt and health problems caused by economic pressures Schulden und Gesundheitsprobleme durch den wirtschaftlichen Druck Dile adiós a las deudas y problemas de salud por las presiones económicas

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Say goodbye to debt and health problems caused by economic pressures

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Say goodbye to debt and health problems caused by economic pressures

Do you owe money? Do you feel you do not have enough? Do you often worry about what you have to pay? Do you not have enough to buy the things you want? If this is the case, it is time to start the day with a new attitude, as tensions over money may be affecting your health and your life. While money is a form of flow in this world and a way to stay "happy", there are many ways to address the economy and also to develop a special confidence in which everything you need and want will come to you.

One of the causes that generate more pressure and stress on the body are the harmful issues of money and finance. One does not realize, but being pressed for money tenses the body in a way which it gradually resents until getting sick.

When you are stressed about money, you can begin to suffer some of the following as a result:

  • Headache
  • Moodiness
  • Nervousness which distracts from other activities
  • The immune system lowers when you're down, so you become more susceptible to illnesses such as colds, coughs, etc.
  • The skin may suffer severely from stress about money, because when stressed, skin pores are tightened, making your skin look tired or unwell.
  • The hair falls out, because scalp tenses and the follicle closes, tightening the pores and finally strangling hair or making it look dull and listless.
  • Back pain.. Did you know that your financial problems often stress the low back? Even the kidneys are affected, as these are closely associated to stress about money.

Stresses and strains are mainly due to a lack of confidence in ourselves. If you really trust that tomorrow all your financial problems will be solved, surely your day would be very different. Maybe you would laugh more, spending time with those you love, spending money without guilt, etc.

Here are three key tips to lower life pressures and generate more wealth:

ATTITUDE: the key point of a problem is not really the problem, but the attitude or the way how you react to the problem. Life is made of attitude, and one of the things that cause money to be a problem in your life is that you see it that way. You say, "No one has given me anything", "You have to work and fight" "This situation is difficult" "Life is expensive", etc. Instead of using your thoughts to repeat these things, start the day saying "Today is a great day", “This day, money from many sources will flow”. "I'm lucky because I have a great job where I get paid" "Everyday life is solved more easily and in a great way”. Concentrate on the phrase that you like and think about generating peace and encouragement in your life. You will soon see the effects.

DIRECTION: All these fatalistic or unwelcome things you say and repeat, DO NOT make you feel good. Instead they fill your body with tension and pain, because such is the direction you are choosing in your life by choosing to think this way. 
In addition to changing the direction of your thoughts (that is to change the direction of your life), you have to change the direction of what you do. If you do what you do with reluctance, with little interest, with little spirit, or you're in an environment that is not pleasing, you undoubtedly will have a limited ability to progress and will live limitedly within thoughts of your finances. 
The best way to make money is to be happy with what you do. Do not think this is nothing more than a romantic dream. If you're not happy with yourself, your life or what you do, surely this will be reflected in your finances. You can have a lot of money and this does not fulfill you at all, or you may feel that you have always too little. Your actions should be directed only to those things and places where you feel happy and you feel you can grow so that your creativity will be able to rise like foam, feeling accomplished and pleased by what you have done at the end of the day.

FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE: Consider this: If you did not depend on money to be happy and smiling, you would not spend your days being serious and angry trying to find a way to "financial happiness". You should be focused on seeking financial independence, rather than financial happiness. What is the difference? Financial happiness is a dependency, an addiction or fixation on having money to be happy, like your money has power over you, and you depend on whether you have it or not to be happy, at peace or flowing in your life. 
In contrast, financial independence is someone who is joyful and vibrant independent of the economy. That is, you have the power to be happy and find meaning in life regardless of how much money you earn. Do you think this is impossible? Do you think it's a dream of lazy people? Well, it's not. Did you know that people with more money in the world have the secret of following dreams before using their money to pay the rent and credit card bills?

LIVE FOR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY: What do most people do? They live to make money each fortnight and pay bills. They are slaves of life, money and the status quo. Saying goes: "If you have a dream to follow, you can put up with any circumstances". Why can we not stand pressures and debts sometimes? Why can we not stand family or neighbours at times? Why do you get sick? Because you're not happy with what you are doing. The secret is to start assessing what would really make you feel happy, visualize yourself as someone you would like to see later in life. If you have mental images of abundance and fulfillment every day of your life,  even though you have obstacles, those will be the best days of your life.

STOP THINKING ABOUT DEBTS AND SHORTAGES: because that will only make you feel exactly that: in lack and limitation. If you want to attract money, focus on abundance, even if you have very little in your wallet. While you have a penny, that can multiply a lot if you have patience and faith, and meanwhile you can connect with the loving, generous and giving aspect of nature. Stop thinking about the money and what you do not have. Use that energy to think about what you really want to do. Do you doubt yourself? Are you afraid to fail? Are you worried about losing your fortnightly wage to chase your dreams? Well that is the challenge to heal your life and your finances primarily: trust.

TRUST YOURSELF: This is the hardest thing at first. Believing that because you have a nice attitude everything will work. Well that is how it is. That is how everything great starts: with a confident attitude, patience and a brave face. Despite what they say, despite seeming completely absurd, and despite what your bank statement says, which only reflects a past attitude to finance. If you really want to live well, enjoying and venturing, you need to follow your dreams. If you are in a place where you are happy and with a sense of growth in your life, everything else will fall into place.

GIVE WITH JOY: If, when you pay the rent or otherwise, you feel you're left with nothing, then that same feeling with manifest in your daily life. Pay gratefully, lovingly, the more eager when paying, the more money will come to you. And give not only money but give a smile, try to make someone happy, share your knowledge with someone else or help someone make money. All this is important to be more at peace and make money.

If you apply these tips and you're really patient, you'll see that undoubtedly the influx of money gradually begins to flow into your life again,. And then not only your face but your state of mind will speak a million words about your attitude to money.

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6 Reviews about Say goodbye to debt and health problems caused by economic pressures
on 18/01/2016
Although I agree with the sentiment of this article, simply having a nice attitude during your day-to-day dealings with money (earning and giving it) is NOT enough to bring more wealth to you. This can only be achieved by hard work and determination to make what you do work.

The game of earning money is a dark one, and many people have fallen to its harsh pressures. Like this article says, if you can live a happy and fulfilled life without always having money on your mind, you will feel and look healthy too!

on 09/07/2014
You know...I'm fairly young comparatively still, but there are a few things about money and finances that I'm already pretty set on. 1) Do not live in debt, if you don't have the money for it, you don't need it 2) get creative. If you need something, who's to say you can't barter for it, or create it out of free materials readily available 3) Never think that some-thing will make you happy or solve your problems. LIVE can't buy it.
on 03/05/2014
on 27/04/2014
my favorite point you explain here is to live for what makes you happy! this can be the solution of many problems in your life, not only money, but to find a way to enjoy the things you like and to stand the ones that you dislike!
on 11/04/2014
it is not as simple as just not thinking in all the money you have in debt because I think this is something impossible, at least you have to think it once in the day and it is not bad you just have to not think about it all day, that is the big difference, since if you just forget about problems you just end up being one
on 08/04/2014
Money cannot be the thing that makes you feel like a slave, maybe you can change the things but you are not very used to that, and well, if you just believe in yourself, you will be gaining much more than you think, your attitude is everything you need to face the whole universe.

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