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Syrup sap

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Syrup sap

Syrup sap is a nutritional supplement comprising a combination of vigor substances: maple sap C+ and palm. The maple sap C + comes from the vast forests of maple North America, where the Indians already knew the art of extracting from this tree their sweet sap and prepared syrup with it.

For the cure maple syrup that contains a C + high level of calcium, zinc, manganese and iron is only used, the last harvest of the maple body that contributes many more minerals and trace elements that syrup Maple Grade A doesn’t have, the most common.

The other part is extracted from the tropical palm, and in the northern hemisphere there is only one type of maple sap to produce, even in the tropics there is a single class of palm sap which is you get this honey, palm syrup.

Palm syrup contains the amount of sodium and potassium needed for the functioning of the cells and detoxify the body. This combination is ideal because it gives the body minerals, vitamins and enzymes, while providing a high carbohydrate, easily assimilated.

Mixed in the correct ratio, syrup sap  is obtained, which is rich in trace elements and other nutrients, which ensure the success of the cure, along with lemon juice, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the body during the 10 days of cure.

General Characteristics of the components of the Syrup

Family: Aceraceas
Species: Acer saccharum
Name: Maple sap, Canadian Maple, Sugar Maple
Type of leaf: Expires, opposite, simple, lobed.
Height: 30 Mts.
Flowering: spring
Habitat and place of origin: Forest and rich soil. Native to North America.
Description: Tree width and columnar, with leaves of 13 cm long and 13.5 d., with five lobes, three couples completed several teeth, hairy back and dark green, in Autumn yellow, orange or red. Bark gray-brown, smooth, cracked and scaly with age. The flowers are small yellow and green, pendants. Fruit with parallel wings.
Culinary applications: With its sap is produced maple syrup, a syrup so sweet and fragrant, ideal for use on pancakes, waffles and more, or substitute for honey and molasses in baking recipes.
Active components: The sap is rich in sugars.

Syrup sap and lemon juice Cure

According to Stanley Burrougs, the creator, a healthy person is more reasonable and natural getting rid the body of toxins and fatty deposits, maintaining the general welfare full capacity and performance.

Person cannot suffer harm to health while the cure is effected, because the body is supplied with all necessary nutrients and metabolism is increased. Under the supervision of a physician naturist or a health practice is often highly recommended even for people sick and weakened. Through purification and removal of superfluous adipose tissue increases the general welfare, and gives a good basis for further processing. In response to those who have argued that the cure of lemon juice is not a balanced diet, we must clarify the following:

This is not a cure for food, but fasting to cure with lemon juice base which is held for a limited time.
It is about helping the body to cleanse and rid of all superfluous fat deposits. Many times, these deposits have been accumulated through years of bad food and a wrong way to live. When the body does not spontaneously eliminate, we should encourage it to do so through a rational fasting (once or twice a year). By its composition, the cure is especially suited for this, without considering that during the cure body is surrendered by toxic stimulants such as alcohol, sugar, etc.
In nature, fasting is a totally natural process and in all major world religions is an essential part of the physical and spiritual purification. Only in our time it is believed that everything must be drawn and that man must be programmed according to current scientific knowledge.

But even the most advanced science (and this also applies to nutrition) can cover only a part of the whole and for this reason should not defy the laws of nature.

The diet of syrup sap (maple syrup and palm) is based on a concentrate of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals that promote the elimination of toxins and helps the body regenerate. The cure
is effect depurative as directly attacks the fatty deposits.

  • Duration: 7 to 10 days.
  • Less Kilos: Between 5 and 7 kilos.
  • Who can do Syrup sap diet: Anyone who enjoys good health.
  • Refrain: Children, pregnant women, diabetics and hypotensive.

Syrup sap is made with 2 liters of mineral water, 14-16 tablespoons of maple syrup and palm sap, the juice of 4-5 lemons, one teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne pepper. You can also drink water and all kinds of herbal teas, but tea and coffee are avoided.

During the 7-10 days of this diet, you should be eating every day and exclusive of 8 to 10 cups of prepared special syrup sap.

The dose is also regulated in the pre-diet in the post-diet.

For the pre-diet take bread, orange, vegetable broth, brown rice, fruit salad and fruit. The first day is to drink a pint of syrup mixed, three quarters of a liter and a liter the second and the third. During post-diet the end of the fast phase can take whole wheat bread, orange, vegetable broth, brown rice, fruit salad and fruit. The first day is to drink a liter of sap to syrup mixture, ¾ liters of the second and the third ½ liters.


  • Spring and fall are the best seasons to lend to their health effects.
  • You should accompany daily with a half-hour walk.
  • During diet do not consume coffee, tea, medicines and vitamin supplements.
  • In fact, ordinary consumers of alcohol, snuff and drugs often react negatively to the cure.

Virtues of Syrup of sap diet

Lost kilos are not recovered If, after the cure diet remains a natural and balanced. Moreover, this cleansing diet reduces cholesterol and its force and energy intake causes euphoria. Skin, hair and nails will thank you too.

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1 Reviews about Syrup sap
on 25/03/2014
I was wondering if the consumption of syrup sap is good if you do not do the diet but use it as supplement? Or it too much, because I have read many article but always talk about the diet and not of syrup as supplement if you are lacking from any mineral or anything

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