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Sausages of animal origin ingredients and health effects

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Sausages of animal origin ingredients and health effects

Sausages and animal meats such as ham, sausage, salamis, etc, are canned meat and have high popularity in many countries, eating them becomes part of the daily diet of many people. There are many foods in many countries worldwide that contain them: the sausages in hot dogs, ham sandwiches or burgers, salami pizza, etc. Currently there are a number of variety of these products, each country has learned to develop in many different ways and with different ingredients, there are countless recipes prepared from them, now seem to be one of the most consumed products in the world.

These products are classified into: luncheon meats, smoked, cured, frozen and specialty meats. In Spain, the sausages are classified as: fresh, raw-marinated, heat-treated, raw-cured, salted meat and other meat products.

Particularly, the sausages are made with the parts of the animal meat less appetizing as fat, the viscera, the "chubby", the skins, pieces of bone, blood, etc. All these elements are ground and crushed with certain acidic substances and mixed with certain ingredients such as flavorings, preservatives, sugar, curing agents, dyes and so forth, then, in the case of sausages, they are put in a container that can be made of the skin of the animal intestine, but currently collagen, cellulose or plastic is commonly used, especially in particular in industrial production.

Nutritional value of sausages?

Talking about the nutritional value of the sausages can be difficult because, as mentioned, to the great diversity in the current market for these products, and the many forms of development which give very different nutritional elements. However, although there are market companies that put the best ingredients and the best quality in the production of these products, it is indisputable that its chemical composition is common, which serves as a guide to value their contributions and health benefits.

Ingredients of sausages

As the main ingredients of animal meat (especially beef and pork) are not products that provide energy but on the contrary, they are consuming, causing drowsiness and a long and difficult digestion. In addition, animal flesh rots quickly in the stomach and keeps most of the time in the gut because these are long and have a circular shape, are poised to preserve food, they cannot drive fast but are in a state of putrefaction. This causes what is called toxemia, a collection of very harmful toxins and bacteria.

By containing animal flesh, all these products turn out to be a great source of saturated fats, which increase blood cholesterol and predispose the body of all types of cardiovascular disease. By providing lots of calories and a high amount of saturated fatty acids (40-50 percent), are products that easily predispose to obesity. Some say that "even a little abuse of saturated fats may be too" as well as dietitians say that the most sensible way to control the level of blood fats, and throughout the body, is a diet avoiding animal fats, and that it is rich in plant foods and fiber.

  • Lack of fiber, essential for healthy bowel movement. Therefore, all animal meats promote constipation, colitis, hemorrhoids, toxemia and the formation of diverticula.
  • As these products are cooked or processed, they lose virtually all the amino acids, with products that have no nutritional value, so many companies add extra vitamins.
  • Water content is relatively low, ranging between 30 and 60 per cent, considerably lower, therefore, than the beef.
  • Have a high salt content. Excess salt consumption in the long run generate kidney failure, kidney stones and gallstones, liver problems, rheumatism, fluid retention, intestinal irritation, blood, veins (varicose veins), heart and other problems. Furthermore, excess salt dries the skin and causes all sorts of ailments and promotes premature hair loss.
  • Sausages have sucrose, lactose, dextrose, glucose, corn syrup and / or starches, sugars that are commonly used in the preparation of sausages, and which disguise the flavor and salt, but above all produce acid lactic reaction essential for fermented sausages. All these sugars are particularly harmful to health in general, among a long list of harmful effects, create mineral imbalances in the body, causes the blood to get hot and irritated, degenerates nervous system and severely affects the pancreas and liver.
  • Its carbohydrate content is very low.
  • Meat is one of the greatest trainers of uric acid and ammonia, substances that predispose to cancer.
  • Many of them are added with starches from rice, potatoes, pumpkins, etc.
  • Many sausages, especially the more commercial, modified starches are added to provide texture and volume and improve its appearance and flavor, and to make it cheaper. They also contain preservatives such as acids and nitrite, monochloroacetic acid, sulfites, etc. Besides, they have colors to give them their pink color.
  • And finally, it should be noted that food for livestock or human consumption of animals contains in most cases hormones, antibiotics, tranquilizers, sewage pellets, etc.

But well, as always, you will decide what to eat...

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5 Reviews about Sausages of animal origin ingredients and health effects
on 22/08/2014
I have never liked hot dogs, and from here on out, I dont' think I'll eat another sausage. I do really, really like brats, and I guess if you find some natural ones, maybe they wouldn't be so bad? At any rate, that sounds absolutely disgusting, I'm glad you guys write the truth about it.
on 22/08/2014
I have never liked hot dogs, and from here on out, I dont' think I'll eat another sausage. I do really, really like brats, and I guess if you find some natural ones, maybe they wouldn't be so bad? At any rate, that sounds absolutely disgusting, I'm glad you guys write the truth about it.
on 29/06/2014
Just reading this make me wanna stop eating sausages for once, they are full of bad stuff... :(
on 04/05/2014
on 01/05/2013
I decided to quit to sausages a time ago and my heart thanks me, because it is healthy and without harmful fats that those meat products contain, especially sausages, they are so bad avoid them! And well people should consider avoiding meat products as well as they aren?t good for the body, just search about that

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