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Sananda: Rural Tourism and Alternative Therapies

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Sananda: Rural Tourism and Alternative Therapies

Sananda includes both a School of Alternative Therapies in Health and Girona, a Health and Recreation Center on the outskirts of Lake Banyoles.

School of health, manual therapy and alternative medicine

Sananda School of Health is a school of natural therapies located in Girona. Here you can learn all the materials that comprise the complementary therapies. The idea of the center is to enable new and profitable ways of prevention techniques, maintenance of health status, therapy, legitimizing a situation, enabling the comprehensive training and retraining of professional and technical Chiromassage, Reiki, Kinesiology, Reflexology, among others.

Within the teachings of this school is excellent and is very aware of prevention, health and dietary recommendations in the field of Medicine, specialized therapies, and complementary instrumentation.

Within activities Sananda, School of Health, is issuing the following courses:

  • Chiromassage
  • Reflexology
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Holistic Stress Release

Also is available an extensive agenda of activities that can be done throughout the year.

Sananda School of Health, aims to teach primary and apply all the materials that make up the natural complementary therapies.

For your safety and for more information, the school is associated with TENACAT, the federation of professional natural therapies Catalunya. TENACAT is an independent organization that brings together professionals from all areas of natural therapies. The federation maintains the vision of promoting the knowledge of natural therapies in society, facilitating their development with full guarantees of quality, while retaining their identity and rights philosophies.

Sananda Natura, health and leisure space

Masia Sananda Natura is an alternative space to get professionals who want to perform courses, workshops or other activity. It is an ideal place for meetings of groups of friends, families, in a magnificent natural environment, located in the vicinity of Lake Banyoles, near the volcanic area of Garrotxa.

This house is exactly in the vicinity of the "Estany de Banyoles" to 10 minutes of the volcanic area of Garrotxa ", land of volcanoes, and just 20 minutes of output of the PA-7. Sananda Natura is very rich in tourism, visit includes: the Museum of the volcanoes of Olot, La Fageda d'en Jorda, Castel d'Falgons Cadevall Oliveres, the Routes of Salamis, or Volcanic Region "The Croscat."

Sananda Natura organizes workshops, courses and activities throughout the year and what is important is that this is always a team of therapists to make tyour stay more healthy.


Masia Sananda Natura offers a space in the forest ideal for spending a few days in nature.
Among the facilities you can enjoy an inner room of 60 m2 sunny and totally overlooking the meadows, a "porch" outdoor 55 m2.

Accommodation options are varied: on the one side are the "tipis" which are rooms with capacity for 12-15 people each, there are 20 beds in different rooms. If you are an organizer or leader of a group will have the option to have the log cabins an integrated eco-garden of 20,000 square meters where there is absolute peace and quiet, making them ideal for retreats or breaks. In summer you can enjoy a wonderful bath in the "pool" of natural water.


The "canteen" may have created a space for cooking, you'll find both the typical cuisine of the Garrotxa as vegetarian dishes. Many of the menus are made from organic products of the garden.

Sananda Natura also rents the house for days or weekends for groups, families. If so, you will have access to all services, and even to cook yourself in the "canteen".

Cottage "Mas La Fontanella". Falgons Sant Miquel de Campmajor (Banyoles - Pla de l 'Estany

C. Joan Maragall, n º 24,

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1 Reviews about Sananda: Rural Tourism and Alternative Therapies
on 09/08/2015
I think it's so great that there are so many alternatives (especially in Spain, it would appear) for pursuing health and adventure through tourism. It's really sad to see how the western world just consumes and destroys so much, including our Earth and our health.

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