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Salus: Tradition and Health

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Salus: Tradition and Health

The German house Salus-Haus GmbH, located in a region of the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, was founded in 1916 by Dr. Otto Greither in medicine, which, excited about the healing power preventive and medicinal plants, devoted all his life to botanical research applied to developing products using only raw material fruits, vegetables and a wide variety of herbs and medicinal plants of high quality.

85 years working with medicinal plants makes Salus-Haus a veteran hard to overcome. During all these years, the company has continued to investigate to improve the quality of their products. Of course there have been failures and successes, but more importantly, so many years of work have contributed a great deal of experience, documented in an extensive personal library on which secrets are jealously kept about the best deal with each of medicinal plants from cultivation until the last stages of production.

Almost a century of activity have been developed methods of cultivation, drying and cutting of the plant classification systems in different parts of the plants have developed methods of extraction and has been optimized production of all types of extracts, and so on.

Course information and new technologies bring great advantages; they have been applied to production and packing rooms, and especially to laboratories, where art helps ensure product quality through multiple checks made from the plant, as raw material comes into the company until the end product is finally released for sale.

Then a brief overview of the history of Salus-Haus in which the most important developments relate to the company since its founding in 1916 until today.

Year 1916

The MD Otto Greither Salus founded the company in Munich. He rented some premises in the street and began Türkenstraße production. First products are manufactured only for the call Cura Salus, created by Dr. Greither: medicinal infusion of Munich, medicinal mud, earth medicine, tablets Greitherna, a special oil Salus and abdominal belt indispensable for the realization of the abdominal exercise. All this created by Dr. Greither with such good effect on the internal abdominal organs, which soon became nationally known. From this period dates also the first monogram of the company known as Salus worldwide, the man with the shield that protects the arrows fired by the disease.

Year 1925

After almost 10 years of intense commercial activity, a great moment comes at last: the transfer to specific facilities. The new home, an old factory in Munich is transformed and adapted to individual needs, as instructed by the doctor Greither, creating what in the coming decades would be the headquarters of the Salus plant medicines.

Again, D. Otto Greither (junior) was born this year, the current owner of Salus-Haus.

Year 1927

The continuing growth makes the company Salus having 26 subsidiaries and branches that are spread throughout Germany.

Year 1929

Change the name from "Salus-Werk" a "Salus-Haus". Inauguration of "Salus Sanatory" on Lake Tegernsee.

Year 1930

On December 17, the death of Dr. Otto Greither clouded the future of Salus-Haus, which continues its activities under the direction of his widow and with the help of some skilled staff, always agreeing with the ideas of its founder. Nevertheless, until World War II, in 1939, the company continues to experience significant development. 

Year 1943 

As a result of bombing during the Second World War, the Munich factory was totally destroyed.

Year 1945

The widow of Dr. Greither dies. With just 20 years, the son, Otto Greither, is forced to take over the heritage of their parents and pass on to large segments of their surroundings ideas on nutrition and natural medicine inherited from his father. As the only capital, Salus-Haus is helped with unconditional support of his brother Hans Greither, and a couple of close friends who share his enthusiasm, then re-launch the manufacture under the harshest conditions, in the same place where even the ruins of the former father.

Year 1960 

A year in the history of Salus-Haus. The constant and growing demand for Salus preparations and the development of new products require more staff and more facilities. The manufacturing plant and warehouse in Munich have been small, it is necessary to seek a new site is finally located in the village of Bruckmühl, the current headquarters of Salus-Haus. There, Salus-Haus begins to acquire the most modern technology, as its first machine in tea-bag filter.

Year 1970

Salus products are exported to Canada through the Canadian firm Flora which was founded in that country by Thomas Greither, grandson of Dr. Otto Greither.

Year 1978 

Salus Haus is awarded with the gold medal at the Competition of German Industry and Urban Development, 1978, in recognition of the harmonious integration of architectural plant in the rural environment that surrounds it.

Year 1980 

Incorporating completely new industries, Salus-Haus works in the manufacture of dried extracts, which represent the product in the preparation of tablets, pills and capsules, which is success in the market is huge. Also this year is prepared Salus Sweden, the first subsidiary of Salus in Europe.

Year 1983

New expansion of Salus-Haus. Building a warehouse of raw materials for many species of medicinal herbs. This is a modern warehouse with shelves of 12 m and a surface of 1000 m2.

Year 1984

Subsidiary in Europe to Salus, Salus England is prepared.

Year 1986

Black clouds darken facilities of Salus-Haus. A large fire on 15tgh March 1986 destroyed the much of the production of hall of infusions. The damage exceeds several billion marks, but this time the staff of Salus shows a great family feel. All set to work from the director to apprentice, and together they cleaned debris from the fire.

Year 1987

Completion and inauguration of the new production of hall for tea, and built to the standards of most modern high-quality production, and which again has paid special attention to its architectural integration into the urban landscape and existing facilities.

Year 1989

In recognition of his success as a businessman and his selfless efforts, Mr. Otto Greither was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit.

Year 1990

The unification also has important implications for Salus-Haus. The contacts for decades continued to maintain a single store on dietetic products that begin to pay off the Wall. It literally opens up a market for medicinal products of natural origin.

Year 1991

One reason for joy. Just in the celebration of its 75th anniversary, Salus-Haus purchases the company W. Schoenenberger of Magstadt, a sign of great character and well known in Germany for the quality of its fresh plant juices. With this, Salus-Haus is one of the most influential leaders in the market. These 75 years of experience for the German market is a guarantee of tradition and quality of their products, but is also a major commitment to Salus-Haus, which aims at maintaining the future increase the prestige acquired.

Year 1992

The problem of raw materials. The increase in production makes the relentless pursuit of quality raw materials becomes increasingly difficult. The nuclear reactor accident of Tschernobyl, with the notable increase of heavy minerals in the plants from the Eastern European market, leads to Salus-Haus's decision to acquire a clean spot, where they can grow their own organic products using medicinal plants. In 1992, it acquired, in southern Chile, Futacoyan, an estate of over 700 hectares of virgin land in the foothills of the Villarrica volcano.

Year 1993

Another subsidiary in Europe Salus, Salus-Holland is born.

Year 1994

The quality of the medicinal plants produced in Chile is excellent, so it was decided to increase the crop area by acquiring the fund channels, another neighboring farm.

In Hyères, near Marseilles, a new subsidiary in Europe Salus, Salus-France is launched.

Year 1996

The commitment of the company Salus-Haus for the rational use of energy, the environment and promoting biodiversity botany, was honored by the authorities in Germany in 1996. Salus was named first in the natural products industry for a production in an ecosystem and a rational and ecological use of energy and waste.

Year 1997

A new subsidiary in Europe Salus, Salus Floradix SL Spain was born, to market themselves and their lines and give better service to the professional to the store and the consumer.

Year 1999

Premieres new laboratory Salus-Haus. The adoption of the standards of GMP production, along with increasing production, makes the number of tests for quality control of raw materials, substances in the process of extraction and control of finished products, multiply by one hundred with respect to 10 years ago. This is the reason that leads to Salus-Haus to make an investment in a new laboratory equipped with the latest technology.

Year 2000

Salus-Haus owns near the plant, a forest, largely untouched, in which numerous species of wildlife both animal and plant are a living space that has been actively protected. Visiting groups and classes of students interested in the matter, participate in tours led, leaving captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the natural environment and the multitude of opportunities for observation and study offered by the large number of species of the biotope.

Year 2001

Near the biotope, there is an interesting museum of natural science which presents a large collection of stuffed animals by the ornithologist of Bruckmühl, Mr. Adolf Peschke. All prepared for the inauguration of a new subsidiary in Europe to Salus, Salus Italy.

Year 2003

In November 2003, Mr. Greither was named Eco-Entrepreneur of the Year, an award granted by the Association for Nature Conservation WWF / Adena and the business magazine Capital as recognition to a business-oriented nature conservation.

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1 Reviews about Salus: Tradition and Health
on 13/11/2015
I love that you done a chronological recount of how things have changed in regards to the way we view traditional forms of health. It's amazing to see these long-standing health traditions taht were once looked down upon by Western culture, and now they're being slowly embraced.

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