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Sak Beh: peace prevail on earth

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Sak Beh: peace prevail on earth

The health center Sak Beh is a place for the wellbeing of body and mind. In the SPA Sak Beh you will find different treatments to revitalize your body and calm the mind, so go back to natural balance.

The techniques and therapies used in the SPA are natural and therapeutic. Health Professionals are certified nationally and internationally and have extensive experience in the treatment of SPA.


  • Temazcal
  • Chinese massage
  • Japanese Massage
  • Reflexology
  • The Well-being massage
  • Tone to Top
  • Classic Swedish Massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Hot stone massage - Stone Massage
  • Mud wraps
  • Wraps of algae powder
  • Facial Treatments
  • Reiki
  • Sound Therapy
  • Bedding amethyst
  • DAY SPA: a different experience.

Peace prevail on earth 

An organization formed by professionals in complementary and alternative health, writers, therapists and teachers supported by international institutions who provide care and preventative health at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors.
The center's philosophy is based on the recognition holistic of who requires smoothly integrated into their environment to express their full potential.

It also offers a certified training in natural and alternative therapies for those wishing to train as therapists. Courses and careers with the national and international guarantees that serve as backup to enter the workforce. It also provides training for teachers and writers from other countries who travel to courses throughout the year.


In Merida, Yucatan has the center of holistic therapies with an ecological approach, dynamic and respecting each of the disciplines, therefore, their services are open to everyone regardless of age, sex, social status or origin and start with the fact that humanity as we need to integrate a more harmonious way in this new time.
Besides respecting the different ways of thinking and beliefs of each individual, the experience of living is unique and unrepeatable.

What is Temazcal?

The Temazcal is an area known as the "sweat house", but within the tradition is regarded as "the house of healing."
The Maya called this space Zintunche. It is to heat with wood to volcanic rock returned to its original state, almost liquid, so that it is deposited on a cooking of medicinal and aromatic herbs. This produces steam that makes skin sweat, relax and detoxify the body, cleans the airways and tones the nervous system.

It is important to understand that the Temazcal is more than just a steam bath which helps us to improve the functioning of the body. The Temazcal is a space where you interact with the elemental forces of nature, therefore, entering it, we contact with the five basic elements that sustain life: wind, water, earth, fire and ether. This enables our essence together in a state of complete harmony with creation itself.

There are two types

Temazcal Ritual: An ancient ceremony of the oldest there to get in touch with the essence of the elements: earth, wind, water, fire and ether, the same that allow the life of our sister plants that give us their medicine , its aromas and its presence.
Sitting around the navel (Center Temazcal) unites us as children of the same earth that shelters us, because we all come from Earth and return to it. It is a place where there are no longer economic positions, qualifications, knowledge and energy belongings as they were divided equally involved with the same intensity.
In the ritualistic, we address each of the directions for cosmic manifesting the presence of the guardian and we will give your value or axiom, therefore, we ask that the East through Quetzalcoatl is given us wisdom in the West Xipe Totec ask that gives us the ability to love and receive love with humility, to ask the North Yayauhqui Tezcatlipoca is given us the intelligence to see ourselves in the mirror; South Huitzilopochtli called to assist us in developing our and a desire to the divine will into the will; Up in the sky ask the omnipresent, the creator of all that exists, the one by whom we live life and give us energy to continue on the road, and finally call the Center to our beloved and venerable Mother Earth and ask forgiveness for all the damage you do and thank the living and the food that reaches your mouth.

Therapeutic Temazcal: in the therapist is to relax and detoxify the body, stimulates the lymphatic system, tones the skin, calms the mind and leads to a state of inner tranquility.
It is a procedure used by Mexican traditional medicine which helps to dispose of toxins and to a temperature greater than 40 degrees centigrade the skin becomes a third kidney, releasing toxins, exfoliates and stimulates the renewal of the surface layer of the same and promotes the formation of the acid mantle, which is so important in the protection of skin infections.

It has now been extended the benefit offered by the Temazcal to rheumatic diseases, arthritis, liver, nervous system, digestive problems, poor circulation, bronchial and lung problems as well as glandular disorders such as goiter. Because of their healing appears to be the most effective way to stimulate our internal organs, cleanse our body and take a large amount of toxins accumulated by drug, by a wrong diet and the high pollution that harms our environment now and hence our bodies. It works like a washing blood to cleanse the blood of impurities, stimulating sudorific glands, circulatory system and improving cardiovascular defects naturally. In fifty minutes of bath is eliminated one liter of sweat equivalent to a kilo of toxins, this amount is more or less than one day of work of the kidneys.

Sak Beh in Yucatan Maya translated means "White Way" and it is recorded that the roads were reported to the various temples that we know today as "Archaeological Zones." However, the SAK bEH is just a move made of white powder; mystically refers to the "Way of the Spirit" and to pass that man must travel to integrate harmoniously with everything around it. Beh Sak is the path that unites heaven with earth and the sun is who guide each of our steps towards the ultimate goal of life: "happiness”.

In Sak Beh we propose spaces and activities that allow you to discover your own "White Way". Through workshops, courses and activities we invite you to complement each of the steps you take in life.

Calle 52 # 412 x 39 and 41 - Col. Centro --
Mérida - Yucatán --

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2 Reviews about Sak Beh: peace prevail on earth
on 03/01/2015
My fiance and I were talking about travelling to Mexico within the next year, and I think he'd really be interested in visiting this center with me! I know I would! I don't know when this artcile was writtne though, do you know if the center is still around and if they're still doing the same treatments? We might want to check it out!
on 07/07/2013
I have read many articles that explain a lot about the many benefits of the chinese medicine but we have not Heard a lot of the traditional medicine from other places like Mexican, so this is pretty good to understand that alternative medicine has a wide variety of therapies that can help change our mind and body

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