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Sadness, loneliness and depression: messenger of the heart

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Sadness, loneliness and depression: messenger of the heart

If the doors of your heart touch often sadness or depression, do not ignore this. Better get up and open the door once, and allow you to deliver an important message. It is only when you open the door of your heart that you get what it wants to give, then those things that we do not want to "receive" may actually begin to happen.

So you wake up on Monday and do not feel like doing anything, do not want to go to work, your are not excited at what might happen the day and you feel listless and fallen most of the time. What beautiful. "What beautiful?" Yeah, what a beauty!, Because although it seems difficult to understand you're in an ideal time to perform a very important thing in your life that is called renewal. The renewal means that the fund you set aside all those things in your life that are unnecessary, that no longer inspire you to make you feel trapped and limited.

One of the ways in which the heart warns that we must make internal changes is depression. Of course, if you would have taken attention, you would have avoided the Depression.

What is depression?

The depression is repressed anger, it happens when you take time and that what happens in your life will increasingly angry because it is not what you want it to be. When you by more efforts and endeavors, the thing just seems more complicated or worse, then you begin to feel what it is called frustration. Then you repeat this every day, month after month, year after year, you start to despair. And when you do not know what to do with despair and anger, and do not know against whom to rebel and be exactly what you want, then you begin to save this frustration inside, which sooner or later will become any of these decline emotions.

Ways of feeling the depression and sadness

You may think in someone that is down in mood, just in bed, doing nothing or whining. Wrong. Depression can also be physical pain, or maybe the person has explosive attitudes, or depression through hard work, emotionally isolated from people. A depressed person may seem very happy, because there are those who try to hide their emotions because they do not know exactly what they feel, they can go to parties and pretend that everything goes well, but just come home and feel very alone and sad. Some people even tend to escape depression or sadness with attitudes like eating, drinking or overeating, or smoking. Drugs are another way to escape the feeling of loneliness and sorrow.

Receiving message of sadness

So you do not want to open the door to the pain because you do not want this to pass your life. And there we have it, each time touching the heart, and believe that this is your way of being someone depressed until you understand that sadness is only a messenger of the wise of heart. And since most action that open the door to see what you mean.

There are several important messages that the feeling of sadness or loneliness could bring. But it seems that these are summarized in two fundamental

1. "You are depending on others to be happy ”: if you moved this message, it means that there is something in your life you need to review. When we expect others to make us feel good, or give us what we want, and this was not the case, then we feel cheated, betrayed, not taken into account.

2. "You don’t find the way to achieve your personal goals" and this message could also be another way of saying, "You do not trust in you." When you want to achieve something in life often fallen desire to doing it for lack of knowledge. This is not really need to know math or biology or history to highlight what you want in life. The main knowledge is to know yourself, and that means you have confidence in what you want, and you learn to find ways to resolve any adversity that you do not want to let get to where you want to go. This requires a lot of understanding on your part, but also strengthening the soul and feeling great and successful: full life happy.

Fighting depressive emotions

Besides taking into account the previous messages, there are many ways to help you cope with these feelings. Often we need an extra push to the sadness and depression start to move on to something else in your life, often you seem stuck in them.

Reiki, Bach flowers, aromatherapy, yoga and a good massage can help restore the flow of your vital energy. Also need good nutrition, stop eating "just for filling", approach quality food, in particular, consume many fresh vegetables. Exercise is an ideal way to oxygenate your brain with fun, because if this is not well oxygenated, it is possible that brings sadness.

Not even one hundred people will make you feel better if you do not work on this. So get to work, you can start with a good massage or take a bath with a floral scent as eucalyptus, the citronella, lemon or mint refresh your spirit and your mind and give you a new mood.

The ginseng is an excellent natural anti-depressive, which can be combined with a balanced diet if you take it in capsules (though it should not abuse its consumption). Going to run or practicing something like yoga or dancing with some type of aroma that promotes closing your mind, so you can put a stick of incense, lotus, of myrrh, orange, rosemary, or ylang-ylan. These incenses encourage your spirit, although prefer to choose the scent that makes me feel better at that time.

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2 Reviews about Sadness, loneliness and depression: messenger of the heart
on 30/05/2015
It's really sad to see how many people are suffering from depression, and it continues to be a taboo subject in our society. We need to start addressing people's mental and spiritual needs, and stop ostracizing people as if they had a "problem".
on 04/08/2013
Stressful situation can lead to an impairment of the whole senses in the body which harms you so bad even though you do not realize it, take this into account before is too late and try to reach the thing that you love and like, that is like for right?

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