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Sacha Inchi: The best Oil of the World

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Sacha Inchi: The best Oil of the World

Sacha Inchi oil, also known as groundnuts of the Incas, has now attracted international interest from the medical community for its high concentration of essential fatty acids like omega 3, 6 and 9 and its significant power to combat harmful LDL cholesterol.

This oil is from the Peruvian Amazonia and from the decade of the 80s, different scientific communities began their research and studies to determine its beneficial properties, Cornell University in USA showed that the seeds of Sacha Inchi are high in protein content (33%) and oil (49%). It has also won in 2004 and 2006 the contest "Oil Seeds of the world" in Paris.

Making a comparison with oils such as olive, soybean and sunflower, Sacha Inchi is the richest in unsaturated fatty acids, reaches 93.6%. It also has the highest content of polyunsaturated fat, above of 48.60%. It is composed of essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic Omega 3, 36.80% linoleic essential fatty acid Omega 6 and 8.28% oleic acid Omega 9 and has the lowest content in saturated fatty acids, 6.39% on average 3.85% of palmitic and stearic 2.54%.

Among its other components also appear the vitamin A and E, in enough quantities for human health, in turn it contains 562 calories and its Iodine index is high: 192.


For all properties described, Sacha Inchi oil is recommended because:

  • It helps strengthen the heart and keep blood pressure.
  • Favors the reduction of bad cholesterol in the blood and facilitates the transport of nutrients throughout the body.
  • It’s ideal for pregnant women because it favors the proper fetal brain development.
  • Energizes and stimulates metabolism.
  • Prevents illness and keep a good health.
  • It helps transport nutrients through the bloodstream and helps maintain the balance of metabolism.
  • Avoid constipation and prevent colon cancer.
  • Improves calcium absorption and helps prevent osteoporosis and also strengthens bones and teeth.
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces inflammation of the bronchi
  • Combat bacterial and viral pneumonia
  • Combat eczema, psoriasis and acne
  • Anti-cancer effects (colon, breast, prostate, lung)
  • Help asthmatic processes.

You should now

Good fats for our bodies are the essential fatty acids that feed us properly and help strengthen our entire body in general.

Thanks to these fats, the neurons in our brain work better and stimulate our intelligence.

Regularly consuming Sacha Inchi Extra Virgin contributes to lubricate your skin, because when it enters the body and is transported by the blood and goes directly to the skin.


The Sacha Inchi can be consumed in its natural state as any oily or peanuts, is highly recommended for all ages especially children and seniors. In the form of oil, it can be used as part of salads or spread on bread instead of other fat. If you have very high bad cholesterol, you can take one tablespoon daily fasting, but if you are diabetic it is best to consult first with your doctor.

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3 Reviews about Sacha Inchi: The best Oil of the World
on 03/03/2015
Aloha James and Stacy,
This oil is already in the United States. My husband and I import it together with the Sacha Inchi Protein powder. they are amazing healthy super foods. Check out our website
and contact us anytime for good package deals. We are currently in Peru looking for some more new super food products but we will be back 1st of April. Take care!

on 05/02/2015
I'm with James...I don't think this oil exists in the US, although if it does, that just means I've missed it all these years. Although judging by the lengthy list of benefits it provides, I think a lot of us North Americans could really do well by it. Any ideas where we can order it online outside of the US?
on 22/11/2012
I actually don?t think that this oily product exists in my country but maybe I should look around in green stores and more. It looks awesome I really want to try it out, so if you have information of where can I find it, I would really appreciate that. Thanks you.

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