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Routine of Exercises to Increase your Buttocks

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Routine of Exercises to Increase your Buttocks

Firm buttocks are considered attractive for many men and women. A sedentary lifestyle, besides aiding loss of muscle tone, increases the size of our belly, so you can have flabby buttocks without volume.

However, with proper exercise, we can develop firm, toned buttocks in order to achieve the shape we want.

The importance of diet

To build muscle, it is important to eat a proper diet as an athlete who eats too much will not get the results she/he wants. Also, eating less will make it difficult to gain muscle, resulting in firmness but not volume.

Therefore, if we turn to a specialist to provide us with a calculated and balanced diet, our chances of success will multiply.


These exercises can be done at home, however, to do some of these you will require a rubber band with attachable ends which are used to impose resistance when doing your exercises. If you do not have a rubber band, you can also perform the exercise, but the band offers resistance, making each repetition more effective.

Kick back (with band)

Standing, put your hands by your waist, tread on the band with your left foot and accommodate the tip of your right foot on the other end of the band, bringing your right foot back, stretching the band and keeping your leg in a straight line.

Perform two sets of 20 repetitions with each leg.

Deep squat

Squats are a very popular exercise for working the glutes, but it is necessary to squat more than usual in order to properly flex these muscles. Position yourself standing with your legs apart in line with your shoulders, stretch your arms forward and flex as much as you can as if you were going to sit down, without exceeding the level of your knees and rise again.

Perform three sets of 15 repetitions.

To work the abductor muscles

Standing, place your weight on your right foot, leaning slightly to the east, begin to raise your opposite leg out to the side as much as possible, opening it, and slowly return it to be in line with your right leg. Shift your weight to the opposite leg and repeat.

Perform four sets of 15 repetitions.


Lie on your back with your knees bent and slowly and carefully lift your hips. Exhale, and lower your hips again.

Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions.


Stand up, put one of your feet back, recharging on a bench, then descend and bend your leg to lean on the ground. This position will lead to a more intense work out on the buttocks.

Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions with each of your legs.

Side Steps

Standing up, take both ends of the band and step onto the band, pulling the ends. Spread your legs at the height of your hips and make a large side step. The resistance is controlled by the arms which are holding on to the band.

Perform 4 sets of 10 steps each.


These exercises may be useful to achieve your goals, however if you consider that at first you cannot make the repetitions recommended because of muscle pain or fatigue, you should not neglect the technique, but instead reduce the number of sets or repetitions. Remember that consistency and effort will allow you to gradually complete this routine. Neglecting your position and/or posture may cause you to incur an injury. In this case performance is better than quantity.

Try to perform this routine three times a week, putting it together with another routine for abdomen and arms, so you will notice better results, and increased muscle mass in the buttock area.

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4 Reviews about Routine of Exercises to Increase your Buttocks
on 02/05/2016
This is very good advice and the routine is varied, so it won't get boring! I do, however, agree with Stacy that cycling can prove to be one of THE most effective ways to develop toned and muscular legs/buttocks. Whatever you decide to do, patience and endurance is always rewarded so keep going, even if you can't do the entire routine to begin with.
on 29/07/2014
The best activity I've EVER found for making strong glutes is cycling. Serious cycling, be in competitive or endurance, uses a ton of glute muscles, and tones the legs and hips as well. I stopped riding seriously for a little over a year, and lost over 10 pounds of muscle weight. I can't wait to get back on the bike though, I know those glutes will come right back.
on 04/08/2013
One of my favorite exercises to get a nice and firm pair of buttocks is holding some weights in both arms and maybe in your legst too, then strech on leg in front of you, and walk like this, I mean streching you butt the more you can and advance changing the legs while the arms are just relaxed holding the weights on the sides od the body, it gave very good results
on 13/06/2013
I find these exercises perfect to improve the shape of my buttocks thanks a lot for helping me out with my problema with flabby parts of my body, I?m hinking on following a diet to to improve the results and I want to surprise my husband with nice shaped body for his birthday.

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