Romania: reaching organic agriculture Rumänien: Die Bio-Produktion wächst Rumania: Llegan los cultivos Biológicos

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Romania: reaching organic agriculture

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Romania: reaching organic agriculture

Organic agriculture is of increasing importance in Romania. In 2006, the number of organic farmers and traders of organic food was about 3,400.

The organic area increased from 110,000 ha in 2005 to 170,000 ha last year.

The ministry estimates that the area farmed in environmentally Romania could increase to two million hectares.

In 2006, organic farmers produced a total of 132,000 tons of organic goods, which were only 5,000 tons of cereals and milk of 130,000 hectoliters of cattle, sheep and goats.

The Romanian range now covers of bio-products from cereals to fruits of the forest through oilseeds, fruits and vegetables.

Among the products are bread and bakery products, vegetable oil, soya drinks and apple juice and herb tea, reports the online magazine dedicated to this,

Source: Biofach

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1 Reviews about Romania: reaching organic agriculture
on 21/10/2015
This is fantastic news!! I love hearing about developing countries that are getting into organic agriculture, or even simply more sustainable ways of living. Organic agriculture is not only beneficial because it reduces human exposure to chemicals, but it's easier on the planet as well!

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