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Risks for developing Type 2 Diabetes

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Risks for developing Type 2 Diabetes

If current trends continue, it is estimated that by 2050 one in three adults will suffer from this disease. While these statistics are discouraging, the reality does not have to be this way: Type 2 diabetes is preventable by adopting certain changes in our diet and lifestyle. If you belong to a group at risk of developing it, go ahead and start taking preventive measures today.

What is diabetes?

It is a disease in which the body cannot process glucose properly, which we get from the food we eat. When diabetes occurs, glucose cannot enter the cells as normal and so this promotes high levels of glucose in the blood, which triggers a series of problems including kidney damage, blindness and heart conditions, among others.

There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 diabetes affects approximately 5% of all patients with diabetes and can occur in childhood. In Type 1, the pancreas is unable to produce insulin, so hormone injections have to be applied as a way of treatment. Another treatment option is the insulin pump.

Diabetes Type 2 affects the vast majority of diabetic patients, seeing arout 90 to 95% affected, and despite the attendance of insulin, the body cannot use it properly. Sufferers should try not to resort to insulin injections as first choice treatment, as a healthy, balanced diet and exercise help combat it. Medication can also be used for treatment.

What makes you more likely to get it?

Relatives with diabetes mellitus: Genes certainly play an important role when we talk about diabetes, so if any of your relatives suffer it, especially direct relatives, this increases your risk of developing it.

Ethnicity: According to investigations, the race also influences probability of developing diabetes. African Americans, Latin people, Asians, Native Americans and indigenous Pacific Islanders are at higher risk of developing diabetes.

Age: People over 45 years old are more likely to develop diabetes.

Watching TV: Recent research has shown that spending two hours watching television daily may increase our risk of diabetes by up to 20%.

A diet high in sugar: While eating sugar does not necessarily cause diabetes, consuming excessive amounts does indeed increase our risk of suffering it, so it is advisable to moderate your sugar intake.

Consumption of sugary drinks: People who regularly consume these types of sugar-sweetened beverages such as sodas and processed juices are more likely to develop diabetes.

Excessive consumption of red meat: According to statistics, eating a daily serving of red meat of 85 grams or more can increase the risk of developing diabetes Type 2 by up to 20%.

Sedentary lifestyle: A lack of physical activity has also been linked to an increased risk of diabetes.

Excess weight: Especially when fat is around the waist, this is a risk factor for this disease. Experts recommend keeping a circumference of less than 89 inch in the waist.


If you have reviewed your risk factors and consider that you meet some of the above mentioned ones, the first thing you should do is check your fasting glucose levels to know how you are doing. This test usually takes 8 to 12 hours of fasting and you can consult your doctor about the results.

It is also important to start making changes in your diet and other health-affecting behavious. Include a routine of regular physical activity and attempt to moderate your intake of foods high in simple sugars.

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7 Reviews about Risks for developing Type 2 Diabetes
on 01/02/2016
This article is very informative and gives some great tips on how to avoid developing diabetes. It seems that what you eat and your level of physical activity have a great deal to do with it, and it seems that quite often diabetes and obesity are linked... No surprises there then! A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise are the key to a long, healthy life. Plain and simple.
on 31/07/2014
Lots of people in my family have Type 2, and I am the only one who has taken interest in healthy habits enough to completely avoid it. My younger cousin, however, after being diagnosed type 2 at age 16, took matters into his own hands, and drastically reduced consumption of candies, sweets, and processed foods, and started eating a lot fresher of a diet. After a little more than a year (with exercise as well), he is so close to getting off his medication. Diet and exercise really ARE fundamental, especially in fighting diabetes.
on 06/03/2014
Sugar can be something so bad for the entire body and even though I do not avoid it at 100% I try to avoid it at least the best I can, well, you can opt for eating brown sugar or maybe just being satisfied with fruits and natural desserts made with them...
on 08/02/2014
There as such many factors that influence having this disease and in this age, it is difficult to be free of many of them, since our diet is full of substances and sugar which only help to develop the problem, then you should consider your diet as the major factor when developing it, and forget about hereditary
on 05/02/2014
Of course, you should worry about this illness even though you do not have problems or you do not believe it is risky for you, the optimal thing is to keep a good balanced diet and avoid the fat, the sugar and all those things that you already know that damage your body and mind, and well, keep in mind the exercise to avoid having overweight
on 28/01/2014
I am a person that loves having many sweets in my life and now I should think twice before having too many of them, because I might have tendency to this illness, this is not good at wall, I must stop or at least reduce my consumption, thanks for giving me the force to start this change for once
on 25/01/2014
I think I might have some of the things you mention here and now I am very worried about this illness! I know that worrying does not help at all and maybe I should do something right now, not maybe, for real, I should start a new diet and a new routine to change this!

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