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Rise of the Eco Fashion

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Rise of the Eco Fashion

The eco fashion will be in the 20 ° edition of BioFach, in February 2009. The textile area sources are projected on the eco-fashion and turnover of the global organic cotton in 2010 will amount to 6800 million dollars.

In Nuremberg fairground facilities, more than 2900 exhibitors report on February 22nd, 2009 BioFach and Vivaness, world leaders in organic products, natural cosmetics and wellness. For the 20th anniversary of BioFach , is expected to more than 46,000 professional visitors from around the world.

Topics are related to trends of organic products and natural cosmetics. "The trend toward green fashion and ethical purchasing behavior is palpable, even in clothing. The conscious consumer is no longer confined to food. That is why it made sense to redesign the presentation of the segment Textile Fair. The customers are increasingly questioning the origin and production conditions of their clothes. According to experts, for them it is important to link the proper style with a good conscience and have high expectations in design. We are delighted to offer to manufacturers and trade visitors at BioFach 2009, the necessary platform," says Udo Funke, Director of BioFach and Vivaness at Nürnberg Messe.

The idea is to encourage lovers of fashion to choose an aware consumption and a garment production ecologically and ethically correct. Thus, among the highlights of this year's anniversary is the new textile area of BioFach in hall 7, where about 40 exhibitors of eco fashion and textile natural creations will be. Along with the exhibitors of traditional textiles, whose production methods harmony with nature, visitors can also admire the collections of emerging brands.

The emerging market for green fashion

Undoubtedly green fashion, i.e. produced in a fashion consistent with the nature and natural resources, has great market opportunities. According to the findings of a study by the German market research Zukunftsinstitut , it is estimated that within the retail trade recorded an increase of sales of products containing Organic Cotton of 583 to 2500 million dollars. The
growing awareness and interest in organic products is in the light of day. According to the study “Socialwear” of the 2006 Frankfurt journal Textilwirtschaft, a third of the clients surveyed reported buying a garment, at least occasionally, whether it is clothing wants more ethics and sustainability in the future in their purchasing decisions.

Source: BioFach

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1 Reviews about Rise of the Eco Fashion
on 30/06/2015
I think there needs to be a lot more awareness regarding the sustainability of our clothing industry. Not only that, but all the dies and chemicals that go into new clothes, it's justcrazy! I definitely don't wear new clothes without washing them.

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