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Snail: give yourself a new skin and say goodbye to stretch marks and more

Natural Cosmetics

Did you know that the slime is one of the most beneficial substances to heal, repair and heal the skin? If you have acne scars, blemishes, wrinkles or spots on your skin, it's time to try this super e...
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New Year's Resolutions: find happiness

Emotional Intelligence

Modern man has become depressed because the mind is not in the present, we worry about tomorrow and we forget to enjoy the moment.
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Exercise in the elderly

Training and Exercises

There are currently a large number of possibilities for older adults to live with optimism and intensity, one of them is exercise. Aging is a natural dynamic, irreversible, progressive and universal process that starts from the moment we are born, no...
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Lose weight naturally: plants, teas and more

Lose weight

Actually, there are no plants that make you lose weight but they help implement weight control diets, promote fluid elimination, decrease appetite or facilitate kidney and digestive functions. In conclusion, they can supplement our diet and exercise ...
Displaying 519 to 525 (of 2649 articles) 75 

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