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Mouth sores and lip: Say goodbye to these remedies


The ulcerations of the mouth are also known by other names such as abscesses, anchovies, sores, fires, etc., which are usually manifested in the mucosa of the edges of the mouth either on the tongue, ...
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Make your own hygiene and beauty kit with aloe

Natural Cosmetics

Aloe is a plant with many benefits for our body, is native to Europe, and belongs to the lily family. Its scientific name is Aloe arborescens Mill. It has emollient and moisturizing properties and also has been used in the treatment of bruises, burns...
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Delicious recipes with prickly pears

Recipes with vegetables

The prickly pears are an ingredient in salads, juices, stews and even desserts in the Mexican diet. One of the most common ways to prepare them is roasted and stewed with zucchini and meat.
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Bee Pollen, a complete and natural supplement


Bee pollen has been used for thousands of years as a healthy food. It has also been used for its healing properties. Bee pollen contains many vitamins, amino acids and bioflavonoids, on the other hand, is rich in some minerals.
Displaying 449 to 455 (of 2649 articles) 65 

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