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Tips to naturally Strenghten your Hair

Hair Care

The hair may fade and look dull for various reasons, whether hormonal, by nutritional deficiencies, stress, among others. Fortunately we can strengthen it with natural options like massages, changes i...
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Pear Recipes for Autumn

Fruit recipes

Fruits that highlight this season are the sweet and hot flavors, pears are an example of this, using in both desserts as simple dishes can be a real treat, and pears are a remedy for constipation, increase defenses thanks their vitamin C content and ...
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6 Foods That Fight Pain


When we think of combating pain, surely we think about a pill or painkillers to achieve this effect, and probably few times we have considered that food can heal our pain. However, some foods are endowed with natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic p...
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Luck: a secret to attract it into your life

Emotional Intelligence

Luck means having the circumstances of life in our favor. One lucky person usually has a life that flows where she/he wants, everything seems easy, proposes something and gets it and the obstacles seem to fall apart when it happens.
Displaying 281 to 287 (of 2649 articles) 41 

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