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Three recipes to incorporate blackberries into your cooking

Fruit recipes

Do you want a taste both acid and sweet? Get a blackberry to mouth, and let this little fleshy fruit painting your mouth. Where to find it? Perhaps in an old market, if the city is your home then in t...
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Eleven Tips to Avoid Cellulite

Chest, Legs and Buttocks

Cellulite is a problem that affects 80% of women and this percentage is increasing alarmingly. If you do not want to belong to this great group affected, we will give you 11 simple tips to put them into practice and keep skin free of these unsightly ...
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Vertebrates, Neck Pain or Stiff Neck: Causes and Natural Treatments


Do you have neck pain? Does it bother turning the head? Do you feel tense the muscles of the shoulders or upper back hindering movement? The vertebrae that form the structure of the neck are called cervical, maintenance and good health depends on man...
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Recipes with Carrots

Recipes with vegetables

1. Sift flour and mix with baking powder. 2. Whisk eggs until foaming. 3. Combine flour with milk and eggs until blended. 4. Melt some butter and brush cover the waffle iron so the dough does not stick. 5. Pour the dough on the waffle maker and c...
Displaying 183 to 189 (of 2649 articles) 27 

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