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Holistic Healing: How to Use the Body's Healing Power

Alternative Therapies

Holistic healing is one that considers not only the body but also the mind and even the spirit. Holistic healing is considered an alternative therapy and makes use of various treatments, both traditio...

7 Natural Beauty Tips to be more beautiful


We have the notion that in order to achieve beauty we have to follow certain standards, and also make us expensive products to get more out of our features, but, this is not always necessary, then, beauty radiates when we are well, happy and Healthy....

Microorganisms and Natural Health


Most people understand microorganisms as bacteria and viruses that cause disease and have a negative effect on the environment and health, but what are these small creatures that we can not see, and who have lived for millions of years in the Earth, ...

How to Prepare to Run a Marathon

Training and Exercises

A marathon consists of a race of 42 kilometers and represents a challenge for our physical condition, however, due to the physical requirement we should not take a marathon lightly, it is advisable a training and preparation of months prior.
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Natural Hair Removal: 6 options for removing hair


In today’s world there are several options for eliminating hair, from tweezing, to lasers, chemicals, waxes, etc. Yet, it’s important to know for all these options, natural hair removal is safe and equally effective, which is why being informed ...

Tips to Stop Anxiety Eating and Cravings

Personal Development

Maintaining a diet is not easy and much less so when we have cravings or suffer from anxiety. Every one of us has, at least once in our lives, felt a desperate sense or urge to eat something sweet or a particular craving for a meal full of carbohydra...

Carotenoids and their benefits


Carotenoids are named that way because originally they were chemically isolated from carrots (Daucus carota) for the first time. They are the chemicals responsible for giving warm colours to foods, such as reds and oranges and they can also be synthe...

Baldness: Home Remedies to apply to your hair

Hair Care

Baldness, also known as alopecia, is a problem to do with hairloss on the body. It is estimated that every day we lose approximately 100 hairs, however, when hairloss becomes considerably more than this, it is deemed abnormal and showing possible si...

Healthy recipes with Sweet Potato

Recipes with vegetables

The sweet potato is a tuber with many great health benefits. It is a vegetable that is widely available in many countries of the world, besides being economical and, of course, delicious.
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How to prepare deodorant at home

Natural Cosmetics

Sweating and axillary malodor are often linked, so to combat these problems we usually resort to the use of antiperspirants or deodorants.

Tips to organise your kitchen and avoid waste


Organising our home is essential to maintain harmony in our lives and the kitchen is no exception to the rule. Keeping a clean and orderly house not only allows us to make our house look nicer, but it can be helpful to improve our health and culinary...

Achieve a full beard with natural remedies

Facial Care

A beard is a patch of constantly growing facial hair in the chin area, which spans the neck and even cheekbones and under the lip. Some men grow their beards as a symbol of masculinity, to change their look or simply for personal taste: There are man...

Tips to combat Spring asthenia


Asthenia is a condition that usually occurs with seasonal changes: It is a disorder that lasts for a while, where we feel tired even without even using much effort at all.

Healthy Recipes with Oats

Recipes with Grains

One hundred grams of oatmeal can provide you with 20% of the calories you require daily, up to 34% protein, an excellent source of fibre and some vitamins and minerals too.

7 Exercises to lose weight

Training and Exercises

Possibly everyone knows that exercise is necessary in order to be in good shape and, above all, it is a pillar in any weight loss plan.
CARTILSAMINA for Bones and Joints - 80 Capsule

CARTILSAMINA for Bones and Joints - 80 Capsule

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Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca) - 100 Capsules

Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca) - 100 Capsules

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Displaying 1 to 30 (of 2648 articles) 1 

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