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Natural vitamins in your Diet


Most vitamins we consume are produced by man, and while supplements are fashionable and fortified foods are part of many diets, nature remains as the vital force that we are looking for. Although cons...

Holistic Healing: How to Use the Body's Healing Power

Alternative Therapies

Holistic healing is one that considers not only the body but also the mind and even the spirit. Holistic healing is considered an alternative therapy and makes use of various treatments, both traditional and modern.

7 Natural Beauty Tips to be more beautiful


We have the notion that in order to achieve beauty we have to follow certain standards, and also make us expensive products to get more out of our features, but, this is not always necessary, then, beauty radiates when we are well, happy and Healthy....

Microorganisms and Natural Health


Most people understand microorganisms as bacteria and viruses that cause disease and have a negative effect on the environment and health, but what are these small creatures that we can not see, and who have lived for millions of years in the Earth, ...
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 2649 articles) 1 

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