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Canary grass milk, diet and other weight loss secrets


Canary grass seeds are seeds with high nutritional value and very beneficial effects on the body and accelerates the digestive process; it is a great source of enzymes and properties that help us heal...
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Natural Remedies to Relieve a sore throat


The sore throat is characterized by recurrent cough, hoarseness and continuous pain. Although often we underestimate this symptom, if it is persistent it is recommended to attend, as this is the way our body to let us know that something is not right...
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Neck pains? Try these exercises

Manual therapy

Neck pain is discomfort that has become common in modern times, however with a simple exercise routine can help combat it.
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Busy life syndrome: How to recognise and put an end to it

Stress and Anxiety

The pace of life is too much, not only in regard to work, preparing meals, taking the kids to school, going to the bank, among other activities are urgent during the day so it is very common to hear "I have so many earrings that I completely forgot,"...
Displaying 386 to 392 (of 2649 articles) 56 

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