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Benefits of including Cinnamon in your diet


When we think of cinnamon, usually we always immediately imagine some sweet and tempting dessert that is prepared with it and we consider it as a "no" in our diet, but it is not just for desserts. Cin...

Using the Chi Kung method to lose weight

Alternative Therapies

One way to lose weight quickly, naturally and permanently is the method proposed by the Chi Kung, an Oriental practice combined with breathing exercises: a very effective method for mobilising harmful toxins and accumulated fats in the body.

Tips for following a Vegetarian diet


Have you ever been interested in this type of diet, but do not know how to start? Today I want to share some information that will facilitate your immersion in the world of vegetarianism so you can make a decision that fits with your needs, goals and...

Fenugreek: Uses in medicine as well as increasing your beauty


Useful properties of fenugreek in beauty. This bittersweet herb of Mediterranean origin can be used in cooking, aiding health and has lots of therapeutic and aesthetic uses too.
Displaying 22 to 28 (of 2649 articles) 4