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7 Exercises to lose weight

Training and Exercises

Possibly everyone knows that exercise is necessary in order to be in good shape and, above all, it is a pillar in any weight loss plan.

Ideas and Tips for making your Desserts lighter

Recipes & Cooking

Desserts are the closing course of our meal and sometimes what we look forward to most when it comes time to eat. Eating desserts is a pleasure that very few can do without as there really is nothing quite like giving yourself a treat on a special oc...

How to prepare vegan substitutes for your diet (cheese, mayonnaise)

Kitchen of the World

Food is delicious and of course necessary, but it is important to balance our diet in order to ensure we are eating all the necessary elements. However, either due to a lifestyle choice or restrictions due to illness, many of us are not receiving the...

7 Tips to get your kids to eat healthily


Food is not always the easiest when you have young children at home, as generally children are often quite picky and particular about what they like by nature, so it is tempting to avoid problems, discussions and wasted time to choose to serve unheal...
Displaying 15 to 21 (of 2649 articles) 3 

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